The Dawn of Romance

The Dawn of Romance
("Songs and music of the early troubadours of Provence")
Martin Best
EMI CSD 3785 [LP]


    Side One

  1. A l'entrada del tens clar (anon.)
  2. Ma charmante cadet (trad.)
  3. Can vei la lauzeta (Bernart de Ventadorn)
  4. Reis glorios (Guiraut de Bornelh)
  5. Quarte estampie royale (anon.)
  6. Lanquan li jorn (Jaufre Rudel de Blaye)
  7. Can l'erba fresq (Bernart de Ventadorn)
  8. Can lo rossinhols (Jaufre Rudel de Blaye)
  9. Lou rossinhol (trad.)
  10. Side Two

  11. Fortz chauza (Gaucelm Faidit)
  12. L'autrier, just' una sebissa (Marcabru)
  13. Be m'an perdut (Bernart de Ventadorn)
  14. Kalenda maya (Raimbaut de Vaqueiras)
  15. Le Roi a fait (trad.)
    Chansons de toile (Northern French, 13th century)
  16. Baros de mon dan covit (Peire Vidal)
  17. Jhesu Christ (Guiraut Riquier)
  18. Veris ad imperia (School of Notre Dame, 13th century)

Martin Best (voice, lute and psaltery), Alastair McLachlan (rebec), Alan Lumsden (shawm), Jeremy Barlow (recorders, portative organ, regal), David Watkins (medieval harp), David Corkhill (nakers, chimes, bells, tabor, hammer dulcimer), Catherine Denley (alto), Cherith Millburn-Fryer (alto), Jean Temperley (alto)

Released 1978

[5]-[6], [8]-[9], [11], [14], [17] Virgin Classics 0946 356902 2 4 [CD] Music from the time of the Crusades (1096 - 1270).

Out of print, not reissued on CD.

This landmark recording signals Martin's deepening resolve to devote himself to the music of the early troubadours. His efforts in his early work to demonstrate that a bridge - spiritual and temperamental - links the troubadours of Provence with other musicians up to and into the 20th century, perhaps met with only partial success. But in the attempt, he created some of the most remarkable recordings of his time.

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