England be Glad!

England be Glad!
Patriotic and Heroic Songs from the Crusades to the Civil Wars
St. George's Canzona
EMI "Classics for Pleasure" CFP 40 015 [LP]
Musical Heritage Society MHS 7337 [LP]


    English, 15th century
  1. The Agincourt song

  2. English, 13th century
  3. Ductia

  4. French, 15th century
  5. Tuba gallicalis

  6. English, c. 1450
  7. Enforce we us

  8. Robert Morton
  9. L 'Homme arme

  10. English, c. 1500
  11. The best rede

  12. English, 13th century
  13. Man mei longe

  14. English, 13th century
  15. Ductia

  16. King Richard, 12th century
  17. Ja nuns hons pris (Sad is each captive's story)

  18. English, 13th century
  19. The English estampie

  20. English, c. 1450
  21. Anglia tibi turbidas

  22. --------
    Tielman Susato
  23. The Battle pavan & Galliard

  24. Trad., 16th century
  25. O Mistress mine!

  26. Jacob van Eyck
  27. The English Nightingale

  28. Anon., c. 1513
  29. England be glad!

  30. John Sothcott
  31. Greensleeves (to the romanesca ground)

  32. Anon., c. 1515
  33. I am a jolly Foster

  34. English, 17th century
  35. Prince Rupert's March

  36. English, 17th century, attr. John Bull
  37. The English national anthem

Playing time: 52:00

Performer: St. George's Canzona - John Sothcott, dir.
[Francis Grubb (baritone,vielles, rebecs), Derek Harrison (counter-tenor, rebec), John Whitworth (counter-tenor), Philip Langridge (tenor), David Thomas (bass), John Lawes (recorders, crumhorns), Jeremy Montagu (percussion), Michael Oxenham (cornetto, recorders, crumhorns), John Sothcott (citole, rebecs, recorders, crumhorns), Leila Ward (recorder, crumhorn, percussion)]

Recording site and date: Unknown [St. George's Day, 1972]

Reviewed in:
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 50/592-529 (september 1972)

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