Matthew Locke

Matthew Locke
Lieder und Instrumentalstücke
Kwella, Rogers, The London Cornett &Sackbut Ensemble
EMI "Reflexe" 1C 046 404 [LP]


    Matthew Locke: Music for His Majesty's Sagbutt & Cornett
  1. Ayre (Almand)
  2. Corantt
  3. Almand
  4. Saraband
  5. Almand
  6. Corantt
  7. Almand

  8. Matthew Locke
  9. To a Lady singing to herself by the Thames side (Sing forth sweet Cherubin)
  10. Wrong not your lovely eyes
  11. Lucinda, winke or vaile those eyes
  12. When Phillis watch't her harmless sheep
  13. The Despondent Lover's Song (Divinest syren)
  14. Six-part canon
  15. A plaine song given by Mr. William Brode of Hawford
  16. My lodging it is on the cold ground
  17. Orpheus with his lute
  18. Urania to Parthenissa - A Dream (In a soft vision of the night)

  19. Matthew Locke: Suite Nr. 4 (for harpsichord)
  20. Prelude
  21. Almain
  22. Corant
  23. Saraband
  24. Rant

  25. Matthew Locke
  26. Pavan (Almand) in 6 parts
  27. Saraband in 4 parts
  28. A Dialogue between Thirsis & Dorinda (When Death shall part us from those kids)
  29. A Pastoral (O Pan, great Pan)

Playing time: 49' 26"

Performers: Patrizia Kwella (soprano), Nigel Rogers (tenor), Colin Tilney (harpsichord), The London Cornett & Sackbut Ensemble [(Theresa Caudle (cornett), Jeremy West (cornett), Alan Lumsden (sackbut), Susan Addison (sackbut), Paul Nieman (sackbut), Stephen Saunders (sackbut)]

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1982 or prior]

EMI Classics 826 522-2 [CDx6] REFLEXE Vol. 9 Stationen Europäischer Musik

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): (june 1983)
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):

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