Machaut Mass

Machaut: Messe de Nostre Dame
Taverner Consort & Choir - Andrew Parrott
HMV 1C 067 143 576-1 [LP]
HMV TCASD143 576-4 [Cass.]
Angel S-38044 [LP]
EMI Reflexe CDC 747 949-2 [CD]
Virgin Veritas 89982 [CD]


  1. Introitus: Gaudeamus omnes in Domino
  2. Kyrie à 4
  3. Gloria à 4
  4. Oratio
  5. Epistulum
  6. Graduale: Audi filia
  7. Alleluia: Nativitas gloriosæ virginis Mariæ
  8. Sequentia: Hac clara die
  9. Evangelium

  10. Credo à 4
  11. Offertorium: Diffusa est gratia
  12. Praefatio
  13. Sanctus et Benedictus à 4
  14. Pater noster
  15. Agnus Dei à 4
  16. Communio: Diffusa est gratia
  17. Postcommunio
  18. Ite missa est à 4

Performers: Andrew Parrott (celebrant), David Thomas (deacon), John Milne (subdeacon); Taverner Consort (polyphony): Rogers Covey-Crump, Andrew Parrott, Paul Hillier, Simon Grant; Taverner Choir (plainchant): Jeremy Birchall, Kevin Breen, Harvey Brough, Stephen Charlesworth, John Dudley, John Milne, Howard Milner, Nicolas Robertson, Bruce Russell, Richard Wistreich; bells: Robert Howes, Hugh Keyte, John Holderness

Playing time: 50'

Recording site and date:
Temple Church, London, UK [01-02/1983];
Rel.: 1984 (LP), 1987 (CD-EMI), 1997 (Virgin)

The polyphonic Ordinary is sung one-to-a-part by two tenors & two basses, while the plainchant is intoned by a larger choir. The tuning is Pythagorean. The Propers used is that for the High Mass for the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lady, 14th century Rheims Cathedral, including recitations of the celebrant & deacons. The bells are used basically as punctuation to the recitations in a few points.

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