Dunstable motets

Dunstable: Motets
Hilliard Ensemble - Paul Hillier
EMI "Reflexe" 1C 067 146703-1 [LP]
Angel DS-38082 [LP]
EMI "Reflexe" 49002 [CD]
Virgin Edition 61342 [CD]


  1. Veni sancte spiritus / Veni creator (isorhythmic motet à 4)
  2. Alma redemptoris mater (antiphon à 3)
  3. Credo super "Da gaudiorum premia" (isorhythmic à 3)
  4. Agnus Dei (à 3)
  5. Salve scema sanctitatis (isorhythmic motet à 4)
  6. Gaude Virgo salutata (isorhythmic motet à 4)
  7. Quam pulcra es (motet à 3)
  8. Salve Regina misericordiae (motet à 3)
  9. Preco preheminenciae (isorhythmic motet à 4)

Performers: David James (countertenor), Ashley Stafford (countertenor), Paul Elliott (tenor), Leigh Nixon (tenor), Rogers Covey-Crump (tenor), Paul Hillier (baritone), Michael George (bass)

Playing time: 54'

Recording date: September 1982; re-released: 1987

John Dunstable (c.1380-1453) continues to be one of the most respected and enigmatic composers of the generation which changed the technique of sacred music from that of the medieval era to the new style based on 3rd & 6ths. It is hard to overestimate the significance of this change, and Dunstable flourished at a time when England's foreign influence was at its highest.

This is a classic recording, including some of Dunstable's most impressive isorhythmic motets, as well as some of his simpler 3-part harmonizations.

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Todd M. McComb