Tallis: Latin Church Music

Tallis: Latin Church Music
Taverner Consort & Choir - Andrew Parrott
EMI Reflexe 49555


  1. Videte miraculum a6
  2. Homo quidam a6
  3. Audivi vocem a4
  4. Candidi facti sunt a5
  5. Dum transisset sabbatum a5
  6. Honor, virtus, et potestas a5
  7. Hodie nobis a4
  8. Loquebantur variis linguis a7
  9. In pace, in idipsum a4
  10. Spem in alium a40

Recording site and date:
St John-at-Hackney, London, UK [11, 12/1986];
Rel.: 1989

[10] EMI Classics 0946 3 61524 2 4 Music of the Renaissance: The Da Vinci Collection

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Tallis: Latin Church Music II
Gaude Gloriosa / Lamentations / Motets from Cantiones Sacrae (1575)
Taverner Consort & Choir - Andrew Parrott
EMI Reflexe 49563

These two volumes were reissued together in Virgin 562 230 (2 CDs).

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