Dowland: Ayres

Dowland: Ayres
The Hilliard Ensemble
EMI Reflexe 49805


    From The First Booke of Songes (1597)
  1. Go Cristall teares
  2. Awake sweet love
  3. His goulden locks
  4. Now O now

  5. From The Second Booke of Songes (1600)
  6. A Sheperd in a shade

  7. From The Third and Last Booke of Songes (1603)
  8. What if I never speede

  9. Lamentatio Henrici Noel
  10. I. The Lamentation of a sinner
  11. II. Domine ne in furore
  12. III. Miserere mei Deus
  13. IV. The humble sute of a sinner
  14. V. The Complaint of a sinner
  15. VI. De profundis
  16. VII. Domine exaudi

  17. From A Pilgrimes Solace (1612)
  18. Disdaine me still
  19. Tell me true Love
  20. Thou mightie God (The first Part)
  21. When Davids life (The second Part)
  22. When the poore Criple (The third Part)
  23. Welcome black night
  24. Cease these false sports

Performers: Lynne Dawson (soprano), David James (alto), Rogers Covey-Crump (tenor), John Potter (tenor), Paul Hillier (bass), Stephen Stubbs (lute), Richard Campbell (viol), John Toll (organ)

Playing time: 62'

Recording date: September 1988 (London)

Information from Shawn T. Mann.

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Todd M. McComb