David Munrow - The Art of the Recorder

David Munrow - The Art of the Recorder
The David Munrow recorder Consort & The Early Music Consort of London
EMI (His Master's Voice) SLS 5022 [LPx2]
Angel SB-3861 [LPx2]



    The Middle Ages

    Anon., 13th c.:
  1. English Dance

  2. Anon., 14th c.:
  3. Saltarello
  4. The Renaissance

    Jacobus Barbireau:
  5. Een Vrolic Vesen

  6. Jacotin, Pierre Attaingnant, publ.:
  7. Voyant souffrir
    Guillaume le Heurteur, Pierre Attaingnant, publ.:
    Troys jeunes bourgeoises
    Claudin de Sermisy, Pierre Attaingnant, publ.:
    Allez souspirs
    Amour me voyant

  8. William Byrd:
  9. Fantasy: The Leaves be green
    Anthony Holborne:
  10. Dance: Sic semper soleo
    Dance: Pavan
    Dance: Galliard
    Dance: The choise
    Dance: Muylinda

  11. ----

    The Early Baroque

    J.H. Schmelzer:
  12. Sonata à 7 flauti

  13. Henry Purcell
  14. Fantasia: Three parts upon a ground
  15. The Late Baroque

    Antonio Vivaldi:
  16. Concerto in A minor

  17. John Baston:
  18. Concerto in D major
  19. LP-2

    Georg Frideric Handel: Acis and Galatea
  20. O rudier than the cherry

  21. Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata 208 Was mir behagt
  22. Aria: Schafe können sicher weiden

  23. Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata 106 Gottes Zeit ist die allerbiste Zeit
  24. Sonatina

  25. Johann Sebastian Bach: Magnificat in E flat BWV 243
  26. Esurientes

  27. Thomas A. Arne: As you like it
  28. Under the Greenwood Tree

  29. François Couperin:
  30. Muséte de Choisi
    Muséte de Taverni

  31. ----

    The Present Day

    Benjamin Britten:
  32. Scherzo

  33. Paul Hindemith: Plöner Musiktag
  34. Trio

  35. Nigel Butterley:
  36. The White Throated Warbler

  37. Peter Dickinson:
  38. Recorder Music

Playing time: ??' ??"

The David Munrow recorder Consort
David Munrow, John Turner, David Pugsley, Alan Lumsden, Andrew van der Beck
The Early Music Consort of London
Simon Standage (baroque violin), Eleanor Sloan (baroque violin), Oliver Brookes (rebec, bass viol, violone, baroque cello), Jane Ryan (bass viol), Elizabeth Page (bass viol, baroque treble recorder), Robert Spencer (chitarrone), James Tyler (lute, citole, renaissance tenor recorder), Christopher Hogwood (organ, harpsichord), David Corkhill (percussion)
with Norma Burrowes (soprano), James Bowman (countertenor), Martyn Hill (tenor), Robert Lloyd (bass)

Recording site and date:
Abbey Road Studio [10, 11/1974];
Rel.: July 1975.

Testament SBT2 1368 The Art of the Recorder - Instruments of the Middle Ages (excerpts)

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 53/626-168 (july 1975)
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):

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