Emi Electrola 7243 8 53568 0 3 [CD]


    Anon, 11th c., Cambridge Ms (t) / Stephan Wulff (m)
  1. Terra sinus aperit (Levis exsurgit zephyrus)

  2. Anon., Piae Cantiones
  3. Gaudete

  4. Trad., England
  5. Drink down the moon (Three maidens a milkind did go)

  6. Anon., Spain, ca 1500
  7. Spagna ciontrapunto

  8. Anne Boleyn, (attr.)
  9. O death (O death, o death rock me asleep)

  10. Henry Purcell: King Arthur
  11. What Power Arth Thou

  12. Anon., Llibre Vermell de Montserrat
  13. Ave Maria (Cuncti simus concanentes)

  14. Trad., Scotland
  15. Woe worth the tyme

  16. Juan Vasques (m) / Juan Boscan Almogaver (t)
  17. Gentil señora mia

  18. Heinrich von Morungen (t) / Frank Wulff & Stephan Wulff (m)
  19. Owê sol aber mir iemer me

  20. Heinrich von Morungen (t) / Pierre Attaingnant (Dance book, 1530) & Frank Wulff
  21. Tourdion (Es dunket mich wol)

  22. Trad., Catalonia, ca 1600
  23. Pasa el agua

  24. Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto for guitar
  25. Concerto for Lovers

  26. Trad. northern Europe: Edda (t)/ Stefan Wulff (m)
  27. Sol

  28. + CD-ROM track

Playing time: 49' 37


Recording site and date:
O-Tonstudio, Hamburg [1996]

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