Gabrieli Canzonas

Giovanni Gabrielli: Canzonas, Sonatas, & Motets
Taverner Consort, Choir and Players
Andrew Parrott, dir.
EMI Reflexe 54265


  1. Dulcis Jesu à 20 (C128; 2 tenors, chorus, 4 cornets, 2 violas, 8 sackbuts, theorbos, organs, curtal, violone)
  2. Sonata pian e forte à 8 (C175 1597; cornet, violin, 6 sackbuts, organs, violone)
  3. Jubilate Deo à 8 (C135; 4 voices, cornet, 3 sackbuts, theorbos, organ, curtal)
  4. Sonata à 14 (C211 1615; 4 cornets, 10 sackbuts, theorbos, organs)
  5. O Jesu mi dulcissime à 8 (C140; 8 voices, theorbos, organs)
  6. Canzon à 12 (C210 1615; 3 cornets, 3 violins, 6 sackbuts, theorbos, organs, violone)
  7. Hic est filius Dei à 18 (C132; soprano, 2 countertenors, bass, 2 cornets, 12 sackbuts, theorbos, organs, bass violin)
  8. Sonata con tre violini (C214 1615; 3 violins, organ, theorbo)
  9. Sonata à 22 (C213 1615; 6 cornets, 16 sackbuts, theorbos, organs, violone)
  10. Miserere mei Deus à 4 (C137; 4 voices, organ)
    Gloria Patri à 8 (C136; 4 voices, 2 cornets, 2 sackbuts, theorbos, organ, violone)
  11. Canzon in echo duodecimi toni à 10 (C180 1597; 8 cornets, 2 sackbuts, theorbos, organs)
  12. Audite principes à 16 (C123; countertenor, 2 tenors, 5 cornets, 8 sackbuts, theorbos, organs, curtal, violone)

Taverner Consort: Evelyn Tubb (soprano), Emily Van Evera (soprano), Angus Davidson (countertenor), Christopher Royall (countertenor), Rogers Covey-Crump (tenor), Charles Daniels (tenor), John Dudley (tenor), Nicolas Robertson (tenor), Simon Grant (bass), Richard Wistreich (bass)

Taverner Choir: Angus Davidson, Jonathan Kenny, Peter Nardone (countertenors); John Dudley, James Oxley, Tom Phillips, Jeremy Taylor (tenors); Jeremy Birchall, Stephen Charlesworth (basses)

Taverner Players: Bruce Dickey (cornet), William Dingois (cornet), Stephen Escher (cornet), Douglas Kirk (cornet), Jonathan Morgan (cornet), Nicholas Perry (cornet), Doron Sherwin (cornet), Jeremy West (cornet), Charles Toet (sackbut), Wim Becu (sackbut), Paul Beer (sackbut), Richard Cheetham (sackbut), Yuji Fujimoto (sackbut), Peter Goodwin (sackbut), Roger Groves (sackbut), Trever Herbert (sackbut), Dan Jenkins (sackbut), Adrian Lane (sackbut), Gary Nagels (sackbut), Paul Nieman (sackbut), Martin Pope (sackbut), Mack Ramsey (sackbut), Claudia Schäfer (sackbut), Stephen Saunders (sackbut), Frances Eustace (curtal), John Holloway (violin), Alison Bury (violin), Elizabeth Wallfisch (violin), Duncan Druce (viola), Annette Isserlis (viola), Richard Boothby (tenor & bass violin), Francis Baines (violone), Jakob Lindberg (theorbo), Paula Chateauneuf (theorbo), Lynda Sayce (theorbo), John Toll (organ), Lucy Carolan (organ), Celia Harper (organ), Andrew Parrott (organ)

Playing time: 76'

Recording date: November 1990

A good recording devoted to the music of Gabrieli, with the collaboration of the very best players of historical brass instruments.

Nathan Wilkes

With the exception of track #12, the vocal works are taken from unpublished manuscript sources. Track #12 is from Reliquiae sacrorum (1615) devoted to Gabrieli and Hassler. The instrumental works are taken from Sacrae symphoniae (1597) and Canzoni et sonate (1615) as noted above.

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