Louis Couperin

Louis Couperin: Pièces de clavecin
Bob van Asperen
EMI Reflexe 54340

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Louis Couperin had a very strong sense of harmony, and instilled some truly keyboard-based figurations into this music with his jagged rhythms and chord sequences. He is also rightly praised for his writing of the now famous "unmeasured préludes" which would become so much a part of this music.

Other recordings:

Louis Couperin: Intégrale de L'Oeuvre de Clavecin
Davitt Moroney
Harmonia Mundi musique d'abord 1901124/27 (4 CDs)
Les pièces de Clavessin de Mr Louis Couperin
Blandine Verlet
Astrée 8506 (5 CDs)
Louis Couperin: Harpsichord Suites
Skip Sempé
Alpha 006

The second set above is also available individually, although the first is mid-price. Davitt Moroney prepared the modern edition from which both performances are taken.

Moroney's recording of Couperin's relatively neglected organ works:

Louis Couperin: L'oeuvre d'orgue
Davitt Moroney
Tempéraments 316001/03 (3 CDs)

And another program featuring Couperin on organ, among other items:

Baroque Pearls
Rediscovered Gems from France and Spain
David Warren Steel
Centaur 2846

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