Spanish and Mexican Renaissance

Spanish and Mexican Renaissance Vocal Music
Music in the Age of Columbus / Music in the New World
Hilliard Ensemble
EMI Reflexe 54341 (2 CDs)
Tower Records (Japan) EMI Vintage Collection QIAG-50040 (2 CDs)
Virgin Edition 61394 [CDx2]


    Music in the age of Columbus
  1. Alonso de Mondejar: Ave rex noster
  2. Francisco de Peñalosa: Inter vestibulum et altare
  3. Francisco de Peñalosa: Magnificat
  4. Anon: Tierra i cielos se quexavan
  5. Martin de Rivaflecha: Vox dilecti mei
  6. Lucas Fernandez: Di, por que mueres en cruz
  7. Pedro de Escobar: Clamabat autem mulier
  8. Alonso de Alba: Stabat mater
  9. Juan del Encina: Triste España sin ventura
  10. Anon: Dindirin, dindirin
  11. Pedro de Escobar: Passame por Dios, barquero
  12. Anon: Si la noche haze escura
  13. Juan del Encina: Mas vale trocar
  14. Luchas: A la caca, sus, a caca
  15. Juan de Urrede: Nunca fue pena mayor
  16. Francisco de Millan: O dulce y triste memoria
  17. Juan del Encina: Cucu, cucu
  18. Alonso: La tricotea
  19. Juan del Encina: Oy comamos y bebamos
    Music in the New World
  1. Hernando Franco: In ilhuicac cihuapille
  2. Juan de Lienas: Salve regina
  3. Cristóbal de Morales: Pater noster
  4. Cristóbal de Morales: Parce mihi, Domine
  5. Cristóbal de Morales: Magnificat
  6. Hernando Franco: Memento mei, Deus
  7. Alonso Lobo: O quam suavis est, Domine
  8. Francisco Guerrero: Ave virgo sactissima
  9. Juan Gutierrez de Padilla: Transfige, dulcissime Domine
  10. Pedro de Escobar: Salve regina
  11. Hernando Franco: Dios itlazu nantzine

Playing time: 126'

Recording date: January 1991

This recording contains a nice selection of music from both the Old & New World, as well as a variety in genre. Of course, the "New World" selections by Morales were merely performed there.

There was actually quite a bit of musical activity in the Spanish New World during the Renaissance. Some other recordings music from America during this period:

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A broad selection of Spanish music from this & a somewhat later era, giving a free reign to some ethnomusicological influences:

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