Art of the Netherlands

The Art of the Netherlands
Early Music Consort of London - David Munrow
EMI Reflexe 64215 (2 CDs)


  1. Josquin: Scaramella va alla guerra (4 voices, 2 recorders, viol, guitar, harp, tambourine)
  2. Josquin: Allegez moy, doulce plaisant brunette (6 voices)
  3. Anon: Lute duet on #2
  4. Josquin: El grillo è buon cantore (4 voices)
  5. Hayne van Ghizeghem: De tous biens plaine (voice, two rebecs, harp)
  6. Josquin: Instrumental on #5 (recorder, fiddle, two viols)
  7. Agricola: Instrumental on #5 (2 lutes, fiddle, harp)
  8. Agricola: Instrumental on #5 (recorder, lute, fiddle, harp)
  9. Brumel: Du tout plongiet / Fors seulement l'attente (2 voices, 2 viols)
  10. Anon: Ein fröhlich wesen (3 voices, recorder, lute, viol)
  11. Hofhaimer: Intabulation on #10 (regal)
  12. Obrecht: Chanson on #10 (4 voices, cornett, sackbut, dulcian)
  13. Ockeghem: Prenez sur moi (3 voices)
  14. Ockeghem: Ma bouche rit (voice, 2 viols, lute, harp)
  15. Josquin: Adieu mes amours (voice, 3 viols, harp)
  16. Anon: Intabulation on #15 (organ)
  17. Brumel: Fortuna desperata (3 voices)
  18. Agricola: Chanson on #17 (3 voices, 3 viols)
  19. Anon: Instrumental on #17 (dulcian, 3 rebecs, lute)
  20. Hayne: A la audienche (3 rebecs)
  21. Anon: Ain niederlandisch Runden Danz (lute)
  22. Anon: Ein niderlendisch Tenzien (lute)
  23. Agricola: Comme femme desconfortée (3 rebecs, viol, harp)
  24. Anon: La Spagna (cornett, shawm, 2 sackbuts, dulcian, tabor)
  25. Anon: Est-il conclu par un arrêt d'amour? (organ)
  26. Josquin: La Bernadina (cornett, dulcian, sackbut)
  27. Spinacino: Lute duet on #26
  1. Tinctoris: Kyrie from Missa sine nomine (3 voices)
  2. Brumel: Gloria from Misse Et ecce terrae motus (12 voices)
  3. Josquin: Credo super De tous biens (8 voices)
  4. La Rue: Sanctus from Missa Ave sanctissima Maria (6 voices)
  5. Isaac: Agnus Dei from Missa La bassadanza (8 voices)
  6. Anon: O bone Jesu (4 voices)
  7. Josquin: De Profundis (5 voices)
  8. Josquin: Benedicta es caelorum regina (6 voices)
  9. Mouton: Nesciens mater virgo virum (8 voices)
  10. Anon: Inviolata, integra et casta es, Maria (13 voices)
  11. Ockeghem: Intemerata Dei mater (5 voices)
  12. Obrecht: Laudemus nunc Dominum (10 voices)
  13. Anon: Ave sanctissima Maria (6 voices)

Performers: Sally Dunkley, Rosemary Hardy, James Bowman, Charles Brett, David James, Martyn Hill, Paul Elliott, Rogers Covey-Crump, Leigh Nixon, John Potter, Ian Thompson, Geoffrey Shaw, Maurice Beavan, Terry Edwards, Andrew van der Beek, Roger Brenner, Oliver Brookes, David Corkhill, Peter Goodwin, Christopher Hogwood, Trevor Jones, Michael Laird, Alan Lumsden, David Munrow, Nigel North, Eleanor Sloan, Robert Spencer, James Tyler, Polly Waterfield

Playing time: 140'

Recording dates: February & April 1975; re-released as excerpts: 1992

Reissued as Virgin Veritas 61334 with some change of contents.

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Todd M. McComb