Purcell: Ode, Funeral music & Organ music

Henry Purcell: Odes pour l'anniversaire de la Reine Mary - Musique funèbre pour la reine Mary
The Early Music Consort of London - David Munrow, dir.; Jean-Patrice Brosse; Choir of King's College, Academy of Saint-Martin-in-the-Fields - Philip Ledger, cond.
EMI "Rouge et Noir" CZS 7 67524-2 or EMI Classics 7243 5 69270 2 5



    Henry Purcell: Ode on the Birthday of Queen Mary II, Z323 (1694): Come, Ye Sons of Art
  1. Symphony: Largo - Allegro - Adagio
  2. Ritornello, Verse & Chorus: Come Ye sons of Art
  3. Verse: Sound the Trumpet
  4. Ritornello & Chorus: Come Ye sons of Art
  5. Verse & Ritornello: Strike the Viol
  6. Verse & Chorus: The Day That Such A Blessing
  7. Verse: Bid The Virtues
  8. Verse: These Are The Sacred Charms
  9. Verse & Chorus: See Nature, Rejoicing

  10. Henry Purcell: Ode on the Birthday of Queen Mary II, Z331 (1692): Love's Goddess Sure
  11. Symphony
  12. Verse & Ritornello: Love's Goddess Sure
  13. Verse: Those Eyes That Form
  14. Verse: Sweetness Of Nature
  15. Verse & Chorus: Long May She Reign
  16. Verse & Ritornello: May Her Blest Example
  17. Verse & Ritornello: Many Such Days
  18. Chorus: May She To Heaven
  19. Verse & amp; Chorus: As Much As We

  20. Henry Purcell: The Indian Queen
  21. Trumpet Tune in C major, Z.698

  22. Henry Purcell:
  23. The Queen's dolour, Z.670

  24. Henry Purcell:
  25. Trumpet Tune in D major

  26. Henry Purcell:
  27. Trumpet Minuet in C major, Z.230
    Trumpet Minuet ca capo (Marche Z. 687: The married Beau)
  28. CD-2

    Henry Purcell:
  29. Voluntary in A major sur le ton du psaume 100
  30. Anthem: Rejoice in the Lord alway
  31. Anthem: My beloved spake
  32. Anthem: Blessed are they that fear the Lord

  33. Henry Purcell: Funeral Music for Queen Mary (1695)
  34. March
  35. Canzona
  36. Man that is born of woman
  37. In the midst of life
  38. Thou knowest, Lord (1st verse)
  39. March
  40. Thou knowest, Lord (2nd verse)
  41. Anthem: Hear my prayer, O Lord
  42. Anthem: Remember not, Lord, our offences

Playing time: 66' 56" + 60' 42"

[1]-[18] The Early Music Consort of London [Norma Burrowes (soprano), James Bowman (countertenor), Robert Lloyd (bass), Charles Brett (countertenor), ([18] + Mary Beverley (soprano), John York Skinner (countertenor), Martyn Hill (tenor), Geoffrey Shaw (baritone)) Christopher Hogwood (harpsichord, organ continuo), Oliver Brookes (viola da gamba)] - David Munrow, dir.
[19]-[23] Jean-Patrice Brosse (grandes orgues de la cathédrale Sainte Marie de Saint Bertrand de Comminges)
[24]-[35] Michael Cockerhan (alto), Andrew King (tenor), Nicholas Hayes (bass), Robert Chilcott (tenor), Gareth Morrell (bass), Peter Castle (soprano), Timothy Byram-Wigfield (soprano), Jonathan Robarts (bas), Francis Grier (organ), Choirs of King's College, Cambridge, Academy of Saint-Martin-in-the-Fields, Philip Jones Brass Enzsemble - Philip Ledger, cond.

Recording site and date:
[1]-[18] Abbey Road Studios, London, UK [6/1975]
[19]-[23] Cathédrale Sainte Marie de Saint Bertrand de Comminges [01-02/1977]
[24]-[35] King's College, Cambridge, UK [12/1975]

Other releases (excerpts):
[1]-[18] EMI (His Master's Voice) ASD 3166 [LP]
[19]-[23] EMI/VSM C 167 14 181/3 [LP]
[24]-[35] EMI (His Master's Voice) ASD 3316 [LP]
[1]-[18] EMI CD-EMX 2134 [CD]

Reviewed in:
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 53/635-1650 (apr. 1976 (as EMI/HMV ASD 3166); 54/646-1443 (mar. 1977 (as EMI/HMV ASD 3316))
Diapason (#-p.): 227- (apr. 1978 (as EMI/HMV ASD 3166)), 389-134 (jan. 1993)
Fanfare ( #-p):

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