Northern Europe during the Roman Era

Sine Missione
Emmuty Records 005


  1. Saltatio
  2. Prayer for Apollo
  3. In Taberna Pomona
  4. Morpheus
  5. Odi et amo (text: Catullus, 84 BC)
  6. Epona
  7. Mars (text: Roman Army commands)
  8. Morrigan
  9. Dionysos
  10. Prayer for Isis (text: Isis Temple, Philae)
  11. Cernunnos
  12. Telethusa (text: Anon., Rome 100 AD)
  13. Flora
  14. Priapus
  15. Mars reprise

Performers: Susanna Ruhling (tympanum, cymbalae, voice, horns), Mirjam van den Boogaard (tympanum, cymbalae, voice, stones, wardrum, shaker, sticks), Steve sic Evans (fistulae, double auloi, ney, wardrums, conical drum, lyra, voice, bone scraper, horns), Luka Aubri (wardrums, woodblocks, megaphone pipe, aulos, stones, voice, horns); Norbert Veel (voice), Roland Kempen (voice), Misja van Laatum (voice, percussion), Joyce Hellendoorn (voice, percussion, fistulae), Saskia van Koningsbrugge (voice, percussion)

Playing time: 44'

Release date: 2002

This recording presents an attempt to recreate music from Northern Europe during the Roman Era, especially the Celtic and Germanic styles. There is no written music, nor is there any for Rome, but the ensemble has attempted to recreate the instruments of the 2nd century A.D. for this region. The resulting music is frequently fanciful.

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Todd M. McComb