A Tapestry of Music for King Charles I & his Cavaliers

A Tapestry of Music for King Charles I & his Cavaliers
St. George's Canzona
Enigma Records K53580 [LP]
Musical Heritage Society MHS 4686X [LP]


    From Playford's "The English Dancing Master"

  1. Military processional: Prince Rupert's March

  2. Trad., Medley
  3. Goddesses
    Parson's farewell

  4. Trad. / Francis Quarles
  5. Hey, then, up go we (to ballad: Cuckolds all in a row)

  6. Jacob van Eyck: Der fluiten Lusthof
  7. Daphne

  8. Martin Parker
  9. When the King enjoys his own again

  10. Thomas Tomkins
  11. Fancy

  12. Trad., Ashmolean MS 36 & 37
  13. Instrumental interlude: The north-country maid (Cavalilly man)

  14. Thomas Tomkins
  15. A sad pavan for these distracted times

  16. ----
    Anon., British Library, Add. MS 11608
  17. Vive le Roy

  18. Anon. / The Elizabeth Rogers Virginal MS
  19. Rupert's Retreat

  20. Christopher Gibbons
  21. Verse for double organ

  22. Trad. / The Thomason tracts
  23. The King's last farewell (to: Prince Rupert's march)

  24. Trad. / Thomason tracts
  25. A coffin for King Charles - A crown for Cromwell - A pit for the people (to: If all the world were papers)

  26. John Garve McClean, Angus Fraser MS
  27. The Royal Lament (An coineadh rioghal)

  28. Martin Parker
  29. When the King enjoys his own again

Playing time: 47:00

St. George's Canzona
Ray Attfield (voice, drums), Rosmary Harrison (voice), Derek Harrison (voice, tenor viol, regal), Michael Frith (organ, harpsichord), Frank Grubb (lute, bass lute, cittern), Michael Oxenham (recorders, rackett), John Sothcott (recorder, fiddles)].
John Sothcott, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1979 or prior];
Rel.: 1979

[1]-[3] [5]-[9], [12]-[13] ASV "Quicksilva" CD QS 6130 [CD] Music for Roundheads & Cavaliers

Reviewed in:
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 57/675-367 (august 1979)

Comments: Information from owned LP. Information for Musical Heritage Society from Library of Congress (from Pierre-F. Roberge) and Jorge Salazar.

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