Liten blir stor

Liten blir stor
Ensemble Laude Novella
ELN - Ensemble Laude Novella ELNCD 0303 [CD]


  1. Saltarello (Italy, 14th cent.) [instr.]
  2. Ack, du lilla späda barn (Piae Cantiones, 1582)
  3. Lumen ad reuelationem gentium (Hemsjömanualet, 14th cent.)
  4. Lullay (English lullaby, 15th cent.)
  5. In vernali tempore (Piae Cantiones)
  6. Trotto (Italy, c.1400)
  7. Sancta Anna (Sweden wedding song, 15th cent.)
  8. Tempus adest floridum (Piae Cantiones)

Playing time: 18' 05"

Ensemble Laude Novella
Ute Goedecke (song, harp, recorder), Per Mattsson (medieval fiddle, hurdy-gurdy)

Recording site and date:
Önnerup studio [03 & 05/2003];
Rel. 2004

Information from owned CD. Music from the traveling exhibition "Liten blir stor" ('Little ones grow big'), produced by Lödöse museum, which "shows what it was like to be a child during the Middle Ages: and to a certain extent, what it was like to be parent."

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