The Chaucer Songbook

The Chaucer Songbook
Celtic Music and Early Music for harp and voice
Carol Wood et al.
Epona Records 001 [CD]
Eroica Classical Recordings JDT 3038 [CD]


  1. Angelus ad Virginem (voice, harp, percussion)
  2. Symlen Beny-bys (harp)
  3. Machaut: Ne qu'on porroit (voice, harp, percussion)
  4. King Orfeo (voice, harp, keyboard)
  5. My Lief is Faren in a Londe - I (voice, harp)
  6. My Lief is Faren in a Londe - II (voice, harp, percussion)
  7. Roy Henry after Old Hall: Sanctus (keyboard)
  8. Alma Redemptoris Mater (voice, harp)
  9. The Pear Tree (voice, harp)
  10. I Have a Gentil Cock (voice, harp, percussion)
  11. Ich Am of Irlaunde (voice, harp, recorder, percussion)
  12. Edi Be Thu (voice, harp, percussion)
  13. Roundel of the Birds [after Machaut "Lay de plour"] (voice, harp, recorder)
  14. Ton y Brenhin (harp)
  15. Maid in the Moor (voice, harp, percussion)
  16. Alma redemptoris Mater (harp)
  17. Glenkindie (voice, guitar, flute, harp)

Performers: Ross Allured (voice), Charles Coley (flute, recorder), Sylvia Hankin (percussion), Laurie Robertson (voice), Tina Wing (voice, guitar), Carol Wood (voice, harps, keyboard)

Playing time: 46'

Recording dates: February-December 1998

The present program is made up first of songs mentioned in Chaucer, matched either to surviving medieval melodies on their texts or to other surviving medieval melodies which fit the Chaucer texts. Some other tunes connected in more oblique ways, such as the Machaut, are also included as explained in the notes.

This recording is connected to the publication of medieval English literature scholar Carol Wood's book The Chaucer Songbook, which explains the connections between songs named in Chaucer and surviving medieval melodies more carefully.

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Todd M. McComb