Dowland - Farewell Unkind

Dowland: Farewell Unkind
Songs & dances
Boston Camerata - Joel Cohen
Erato 0630 12704-2 [CD]


    I. Invocation
  1. Psalm 100 (voices)

  2. II. In the Presence of a Queen
  3. Lady Laiton's Almain (cittern, lute, bass viol)
  4. Humour say: a Dialogue (2 voices, ensemble)
  5. The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth, her Galliard (lutes, bass viol)
  6. Say, Love, if ever thou didst find (ensemble)

  7. III. My Love doth wake
  8. Galliard on "Awake, sweet love" (lutes)
  9. Come away, come sweet love (ensemble)
  10. Sleep, wayward thoughts (voice, viols, lutes)
  11. Come, heavy sleep (2 voices, ensemble)

  12. IV. To Die with Thee
  13. Captain Digorie Piper's Galliard - If my complaints (voice)
  14. Pavan a 4 (instruments)
  15. Can she excuse my wrongs (voice, instruments)
  16. Lady, if you so spite me (voice, lutes)
  17. Come again, sweet love doth now invite (ensemble)

  18. V. Go, Crystal Tears
  19. Go, crystal tears (voice, viols)
  20. Stay, Time, awhile thy flying (voice, lutes)
  21. If that a sinner's sighs (voice, viols)
  22. Weep you no more, sad fountains (voices)

  23. VI. Then Farewell, O Farewell
  24. Mr. George Whitehead his Almand (instruments)
  25. Wilt thou, unkind, thus reave me (voices)
  26. Tarleton's Riserrectione (lutes)
  27. Far from triumphing Court (voice, lute, bass viol)
  28. Lasso vita mia (voice, violin, lutes, bass viol)
  29. The Frog Galliard (instruments)
  30. Now o now I needs must part (ensemble)
  31. Farewell, Unkind (ensemble)

Performers: Anne Azéma (soprano), Karen Clark (mezzo-soprano), William Hite (tenor), Joel Frederiksen (bass, lute), Jesse Lepkoff (flutes, recorders), Robert Mealy (violin), Carol Lewis (treble & bass viol), Lynn Tetenbaum (tenor viol), Emily Walhout (bass viol), Olav Chris Henriksen (lute), Joel Cohen (cittern, lute)

Playing time: 69'

Recording date: May 1995

This is a nice introduction to Dowland, which combines items from various sources into a series of scenes.

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Todd M. McComb