Voices from Eternity
The Boston Camerata - Joel Cohen with Tod Machover, program dir.
Erato (0630)-14773-2


    I. Angel of Light

    Anon., Shaker
  1. Angel of light

  2. Gregorian chant, AR 1059
  3. Angeli Domini
  4. II. Cherubim & Seraphim

    Anon., The Sacred Harp
  5. Prospect

  6. Gregorian chant, MV 1464
  7. Laudemus Dominum, quem laudant angeli

  8. Guillaume de Machaut: Messe "Notre Dame"
  9. Sanctus
  10. III. Heavenly Hosts

    The Sacred Harp, tune: Clamanda
  11. High on a hill of dazzling light

  12. Gregorian chant, AR 1059, MV 1456
  13. Angeli, Archangeli, Throni et Dominationis

  14. Tune: Clamanda
  15. Thrones and dominions round him fall
  16. IV. The Archangel Michael

    Gregorian chant, MV 1459
  17. Princeps gloriosissime

  18. Tune: Clamanda
  19. Let mortal tongues attempt to sing

  20. Rev. 12:7
  21. Factum est praelium magnum in caelo

  22. Gregorian chant, AR 1451
  23. Alleluia, Sancte Michael Archangele
  24. V. The war in Heaven

    The Sacred Harp, tune: Weeping Saviour
  25. The Hosts of Hell

  26. Gregorian chant, AR 1457
  27. Dum praeliaretur Michael Archangelus

  28. Anon., Shaker
  29. Father William's March

  30. Anon., 13th c.
  31. Alle psallite cum luya
  32. VI. Declaration of the Mighty Angels

    Gregorian chant, AR 1071
  33. Sancti Angeli, custodes nostri

  34. Gregorian chant, AR 1068
  35. Ecce ego mittam Angelum meum

  36. Gregorian chant, AR 1061
  37. Omnes sunt administrori spiritus

  38. Anon., Shaker
  39. Declaration of the Mighty Angels
  40. Your camps shall be searched
  41. The call of an Angel

  42. Gregorian chant, AR 1071
  43. Sancti Angeli, custodes nostri

  44. Anon., Shaker
  45. Shaker: Angel of Light

  46. Gregorian
  47. Custodes hominum psallimus Angelos

  48. Anon., Shaker
  49. O little children
  50. VII. The Angel of Death

    Tod Machover from the Mass for the Dead, gregorian
  51. Pie Jesu,
  52. VIII. The Consoling Angel

    Anon., 13th c., medieval plays: Les Trois Maries & (refrain) La nuit de Pâques
  53. Mulier, quid ploras? Quem queris?
  54. IX. Paradise

    Anon., Shaker
  55. Trumpet of Salvation

  56. Jeremiah Ingalls, The Sacred Harp
  57. Leander

  58. The Southern Harmony
  59. Sailor's Home

  60. Anon., The Sacred Harp
  61. The Golden Harp

Playing time: 59' 09"

The Boston Camerata [Anne Azéma (soprano), Noel Bisson (soprano), Ellen Santaniello (soprano), Margaret Swanson (soprano), Elizabeth Anker (alto), Megan Henderson (alto), Mary Ann Valaitis (alto), John Delorey (tenor), Bruce Fithian (tenor), John Fleagle (tenor), Paul Cummings (bass), Stephen Falbel (bass), Joel Frederiksen (bass), Donald Wilkinson (bass), Frances Fitch (keyboards), Robert Mealy (violin), Carol Lewis (bass viola da gamba), Lynn Tetenbaum (bass viola da gamba), Emily Walhout (bass viola da gamba), Janet Haas (violone), Benjamin Harms (percussion), Heather Kellgreen (harp), Melia Repko (harp), Judy Saite (harp), Monica Attell (piccolo), Hiroko Kajimoto (piccolo), Kenji Kikuchi (piccolo), Cynthia Pickett (piccolo)] with participation of Christophe Morin (Angel of death)] - Joel Cohen, dir.;
The Boston Shawm and Sackbut Ensemble [Douglas Kirk (slide trumpet, cornetto), Steven Lundahl (sackbut, recorder), Mark Ramsey (sackbut, recorder), Daniel Stillman (sackbut, recorder)];
The Harvard University Choir [(Emily Anderson (soprano), Kate Lingle (soprano), Lesley Chen (alto), Clarissa Martinez (alto), Daniel Roihl (alto), David Ables (tenor), Peter Kalmus (tenor), Wesley Chinn (bass), Gregory Han (bass), Carsten Reichel (bass)] - Murray Forbes Somerville, dir.;
Youth Pro Musica [Martin Johnson (soloist), Ned Cameron (soloist), Barret Goldsmith (soloist)] - Hazel Somerville, art. dir.

Recording site and date:
Campion Center, Weston, Mass., USA [02/1996]

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Early Music America (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):
Goldberg (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):

Information from owned CD.
As stated by Joel Cohen in the booklet with the CD: "This recording is meant to provide a rapid, guided tour of the angel realms, in the form of musical fantasy. Except for The Angel of Death, whose music is entirely original, all other musical themes and texts are drawn from early sources ... Ted Machobver's brilliant and creative sound is meant to underline both the contemporaneity and the timelessness of these angelic visions."

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