Missa Cantilena

Missa Cantilena: Travestimenti liturgici in Italia (1380-1410)
Mala Punica / Pedro Memelsdorff
Erato 17069


  1. Kyrie Rondella (4 voices, fiddle, organ)
  2. Matteo da Perugia: Gloria [Rosetta] (5 voices, 2 fiddles, organ, bells)
  3. Matteo da Perugia: Gloria [En attendant] (voice, recorder, 2 fiddles, harp)
  4. Zaccara da Teramo: Gloria Fior gentile (7 voices, organetto)
  5. Interlude Hallelujah 'Deus manifeste' (2 fiddles)
  6. Matteo da Perugia: Credo (8 voices, 2 fiddles, organ)
  7. Zaccara da Teramo: Credo Du Village (4 voices, recorder, harp, psaltery, organetto, bells)
  8. Interlude Secreta 'Non voler donna' (recorder, harp)
  9. Sanctus Benedicitur Marie Filius (5 voices, organetto)
  10. Sanctus Madrigale
    Sanctus (6 voices, recorder, harp, organetto)
  11. Matteo da Perugia: Agnus Dei Ave sancta mundi salus (8 voices, recorder, 2 fiddles, harp, organ)
  12. Interlude Benedictus Domino
    Benedicamus Domino (9 voices, recorder, 2 fiddles, harp, organetto, organ, bells)

Mala Punica

Jill Feldman (soprano), Claudine Ansermet (soprano), Laura Fabris (soprano, organ), Sabine Lutzenberger (soprano), Daniela Del Monaco (alto), Alessandro Carmignani (countertenor), Giuseppe Maletto (countertenor), Gianluca Ferrarini (tenor), Héctor Rodríguez (tenor), Pedro Memelsdorff (recorder), Valentina Visconti (harp), Svetlana Fomina (fiddle), Kees Boeke (fiddle, psaltery), Christophe Deslignes (organetto, organ), Alberto Macchini (bells)

Pedro Memelsdorff, dir.

Playing time: 60'

Recording date: June 1996

Nathan Wilkes

Compilation reissue: Erato 84925 Italie Gothique (3 CDs)

The two primary composers represented here are Matteo da Perugia and Zaccara da Teramo, both of whom are also well-known for their secular music, and who indeed made heavy use of those same melodies in their sacred works. The cycle presented is not unified, as later settings would be, but is formed by selecting a series of individual pieces.

The texture is uniquely conceived.

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