Weill: Music for Johnny Johnson

Music for Johnny Johnson
The Otaré Pit Band - Joel Cohen, dir.
Erato 0630-17870-2


    Kurt Weill (music), Paul Green (lyrics): Music for Johnny Johnson
  1. Introduction
  2. Act I

  3. Over in Europe
  4. Democracy advancing
  5. Up Chickamuga Hill - The Battle of San Juan Hill
  6. Johnny's Melody
  7. Aggie's Song
  8. Of Heart of Love
  9. Farewell, Goodbye
  10. The West-Pointer Song
  11. The Sargeant's Chant
  12. Captain Valentine's Song
  13. Army Interlude
  14. Farewell, Goddbye (interlude)
  15. Song of the Goddess
  16. Song of the Wounded Frenchman
  17. The Tea Song
  18. Oh the Rio Grande - Cowboy Song
  19. Johnny's Dream
  20. Song of the Guns
  21. Music of the Stricken Redeemer
  22. Act II

  23. Mon Ami, My Friend
  24. The Allied High Command
  25. The Laughing Generals
  26. The Battle
  27. In Time of War and Tumults
  28. In No Man's Land
  29. Johnny's Homecoming
  30. The Psychiatry Song
  31. Asylum Chorus
  32. A Hymn to Peace
  33. Asylum Chorus (instr.)
  34. Johnny's Song

Playing time: 74' 28"

The Otaré Pit Band [Joseph Foley (trumpet), Dana Oakes (trumpet), Robert Couture (trombone), Katherine Matasy (clarinets, accordion), Diane Heffner (saxophones, clarinet), Robert Mealy (violin), Mimi Rabson (violin), Reinmar Seidler (cello). Robert Paul Sullivan (guitar, banjo), Jeffrey Fischer (percussion), Terry Halco (Hammond organ, piano), Megan Henderson (piano)], René de la Garza (His Honor, The Mayor; Private Harwood), Ellen Santaniello (Minny Belle Tompkins), John Delorey (Grandpa Joe), Donald Wilkinson (Johnny Johnson), Lynn Torgove (Aggie Tompkins), Mark McSweeney (The West-Pointer), Richard Lalli (Captain Valentine; A German Priest), D'Anna Fortunato (The Goddess), Bruce Fithian (An English Sergeant; An American Priest), Anne Azéma (A french Nurse), Paul Cummings (The British Commander-in-Chief), Paul Guttry (Doctor Mahodan), Elizabeth Anker, Jean Danton, Megan Hendernon, Betsy Green Mayer, Margaret Swanson, John Fleagle, Stephen Falbel, Henry Lussier - Joel Cohen, dir.

Recording site and date:
Pine Manor College, Ellsworth Theatre. Chessnut Hill., Mass., USA [11/1996]

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Information from owned CD. Although obviously not Early Music, this recording is included here as part of Joel Cohen's discography.

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