Antonio Soler: Concertos for two organs, Fandango & Harpsichord Sonatas

Antonio Soler: Concertos pour deux orgues, Fandango & Sonates
Tini Mathot, Ton Koopman, Scott Ross
Erato "Ultima" 3984 27005-2 [CDx2]
Erato "Ultima" 3984 27005-5 [CDx2]


This is a set containing 2 CDs released also individualy. For precise content, please refer to individual volume.

  1. Erato 2292 45741-2 [CD] Antonio Soler: Six Concertos pour deux orgues
  2. Erato 2292 45435-2 [CD] Antonio Soler: Fandango & Sonates

Playing time: 60' + 54' 50" = 1h 54' 10"

[1] Tini Mathot (organ), Ton Koopman (organ)
[2] Scott Ross (harpsichord).

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Rel. 1999 [CD], 2000 [CD]

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