The American Vocalist

The American Vocalist
Spirituals and Folk Hymns, 1850-1870
The Boston Camerata - Joel Cohen
Erato 2292-45818-2


    I. The Warning

    William Billings (m) / The American Vocalist (t)
  1. The Warning

  2. Daniel Read / The American Vocalist & The Revivalist (t)
  3. Widham

  4. Anon., The Revivalist
  5. Judgement Day

  6. Daniel Read / The American Vocalist (t)
  7. Greenwich
  8. II. Great Conforter, descend

    John Wesley (t) / Barbara Owen's collection
  9. Wrestle

  10. Smith (attr.) in The American Vocalist
  11. Canterbury New

  12. West (attr.) in The American Vocalist
  13. Edom

  14. Anon., The Revivalist
  15. I shall be satisfied
  16. III. The Star of Bethlehem

    Joseph Stephenson (attr.)
  17. Milford

  18. Anon., The American Vocalist
  19. Star in the East

  20. Anon., Dance tune preserved at the Harvard Music Library & The American Vocalist
  21. Bonny Doon - The Star of Bethlehem
  22. IV. The Gospel Feast

    Anon., The American Vocalist
  23. O Come, Come away

  24. Anon., The Revivalist, "arr. by John Barker"
  25. School Hymn

  26. Anon., The American Vocalist
  27. The Gospel Feast

  28. Anon., The American Vocalist
  29. Go Worship at Emmanuels's feet

  30. Robert Burns (t) / from a mid-18th c. Pennsylvania song book in the Owen Collection
  31. John Anderson My Jo

  32. Sacred song based on the preceding piece
  33. Go when the morning shineth

  34. Anon., from a Book of dance tunes published in Boston
  35. Captain Robert Kid

  36. Anon., The American Vocalist
  37. How precious is the name

  38. J. Baker (attr.), The Revivalist
  39. Roll call

  40. Anon., The American Vocalist & The Revivalist
  41. Glad things
  42. V. At The River

    Anon., The American Vocalist
  43. Deal gently with thy servants, Lord

  44. Anon., The Revivalist
  45. Shall we gather ?

  46. Anon., The Social Harp
  47. Happy Land

  48. Anon., The American Vocalist
  49. Burst ye emerald gates

Playing time: 59' 25"

The Boston Camerata [Anne Azéma (soprano), Elizabeth Weigle (soprano), Elizabeth Anker (alto), John Fleagle (tenor), Daniel McCabe (baritone), Arizeder Urreiztieta (bass), Jesse Lepkoff (flute), Michael Colver (flugelhorn), Steven Lundahl (baritone horn), Joel Cohen (guitar)] - Joel Cohen, dir.;
Schola Cantorum of Boston [Alice Dampman (soprano), Sandra Stuart (soprano), Megan Henderson (alto), Nancy Mater (alto), John Delorey (tenor), Henry Lussier (tenor), Paul Cummings (bass), John Holyoke (bass)] - Frederick Jodry, dir.;
The Chamber Choir of the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum [Catherine Grant (soprano), Victoria Jueds (soprano), Amy Shimbo (soprano), Elizabeth B. Stein (soprano), Kathryn Tucker (soprano), Jenna Andelman (alto), Peggy Yeh (alto), Michael H. Chol (tenor), Christopher Crick (tenor), David Smith (tenor), David Lombardo (bass), John Monson (bass), Eric Swanson (bass), Steven Thomas (bass)] - Jameson Marvin, cond.

Recording site and date:
Lindsay Chapel, Emmanuel Church, Boston, Ma., USA [11/1991]

[3], [8] Erato 4509-91777-2 Music and Memory
[22] Geronimo - An American Legend (1993), Walther Hill, dir. (Columbia Studio Film) VHS & DVD

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Early Music America (Vol./#-p.):
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