Le Jeune: Missa Savoy Manuscript & Ad Placitum / Psalms

Le Jeune: Missa Savoy Manuscript & Ad Placitum / Psalms
Ensemble Vocal Sagittarius - Michel Laplénie
Erato MusiFrance 2292-45825 [CD]


  1. Savoy manuscript's Missa Kyrie
  2. Savoy manuscript's Missa Gloria
  3. Savoy manuscript's Missa Credo
  4. Savoy manuscript's Missa Sanctus & Benedictus
  5. Savoy manuscript's Missa Agnus Dei I
  6. Savoy manuscript's Missa Agnus Dei
  7. Misericorde au pauvre vicieux (Psalm 51)
  8. Hélas! Seigneur, je te prie sauve-moi! (Psalm 69) I
  9. Hélas! Seigneur, je te prie sauve-moi! (Psalm 69) II
  10. Toutes gens loués le Seigneur (Psalm 117)
  11. Ad Placitum Missa Kyrie
  12. Ad Placitum Missa Gloria
  13. Ad Placitum Missa Credo
  14. Ad Placitum Missa Sanctus & Benedictus
  15. Ad Placitum Missa Agnus Dei I
  16. Ad Placitum Missa Kyrie

Performers: E. Gal (soprano), F. Massert (soprano), P. Bertin (alto), C. Lizere (alto), JX. Combarieu (tenor), E. Gruchet (tenor), S. Husser (tenor), L. Gregoire (tenor), LJ. Rayon (baritone), L. Bajou (bass), E. Guillermin (bass), E. Mandrin (organ), F. Eichelberger (organ), S. Abramovicz (viol), J. Hantai (viol), S. Moquet (viol), P. Stryckers (viol), S. Watillon (viol)

Playing time: 57'

Recording dates: October 1991, May 1992

Missas from French Renaissance composers are rarely recorded, and among them Claude Lejeune is particularly underrated. Nevertheless his music is especially beautiful, made of fresh harmonies and complex rhythms. The interpretation given by the ensemble Sagittarius is here more accurate than the work they have done on Palestrina, so it is easy to say that they serve very well these unknown pieces of music. A great equilibrium between the voices make that CD really pleasant to hear. The voices give a different sound for the interpretation of the psalms, accompanied with violas or a capella. Maybe too much reverb for the recording, but I prefer more precise sound recording.

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