An American Christmas

An American Christmas
Carols, hymns and spirituals, 1770-1870 - Noëls, hymnes et spirituels 1770-1870 - Weihnachtlieder, Choräle und Spirituals, 1770-1870
The Boston Camerata - Joël Cohen, dir., The Schola Cantorum of Boston, The Brown University Chorus - Frederick Jodry, dir.
Erato 4509-92874-4 [Cass.]
Erato 4509-92874-2 [CD]


    I - Prepare ye the way

    Anon., The Philarmonia (Elkhart. Indiana, 1875)
  1. Watchman of Zion

  2. Anon., The American Harmony or Royal Melody Complete (Newburyport, Mass., 1771)
  3. Kingsbridge

  4. Anon., The Southern Harmony, and Musical Companion (Philadelphia, 1854)
  5. Bozrah

  6. Anon., Original Sacred Harp, Denson Revision (Bremen, Georgia, 1971)
  7. Baptismal Anthem
  8. II - A Virgin Unspotted

    Anon., The American Harmony (3-part setting); The Village Harmony (Exeter, NH, 1798 (4-part setting)
  9. A Christmas Hymn

  10. Anon., Carols Old and Carols New (Boston 1916)
  11. A Virgin most pure
    Anon., Wyeth's Repository of Sacred Music, Part second (Harrisburg, PA, 1820)
    A Virgin Unspotted

  12. William Billings, The Singing Master's Assistant (Boston, 1778)
  13. Boston
  14. III - Lo, the Bridegroom

    Anon., The Christian Harmony, or Songster's Companion (Exeter, NH, 1805)
  15. The Heavenly Courtier

  16. Anon., from Donald W. Patterson, The Shaker Spiritual (Princeton, 1976)
  17. Pretty Home

  18. Anon., Original Sacred Harp, Denson Revision (Bremen, Georgia, 1971)
  19. The Midnight Cry
  20. IV - I wonder as I wander

  21. Wayfaring Stranger

  22. Ingalls, The Christian Harmony
  23. Slow Traveller

  24. John Jacob Niles, Songs of the Hill Folk (New York, 1912)
  25. I wonder as I wander

  26. Ingalls, The Christian Harmony
  27. Lullay, thou tiny little child
  28. V - Shepherds, rejoice

    Ingalls, The Christian Harmony
  29. Lovely vine

  30. Anon., from Crawford, The Core Repertory of Early American Psalmody (Madison, 1984)
  31. Adeste fideles

  32. Anon., A Selection of Spiritual Songs (New York, 1918); "Thou Hastings"
  33. Still water

  34. Anon., Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs (New York, 1867)
  35. While Shepherds Watched

  36. Anon., Original Sacred Harp, Denson Revision (Bremen, Georgia, 1971)
  37. Sherburne

  38. Anon., The New Harp of Columbia (Nashville, 1867)
  39. Shepherds Rejoice
  40. VI - Light of the world

    William Walker, The Christian Harmony (Philadelphia, 1867)
  41. Fulfilment (m)

  42. William Walker, The Christian Harmony (Philadelphia, 1867)
  43. Fulfilment

  44. Anon., The American Vocalist (Boston, 1849)
  45. Hush my babe, lie still and slumber

  46. Anon., The Finest of the Wheat: Hymns New and Old for Missionary and Revival Meetings and Sabbath-Schools (Chicago, 1890), "Geo. D. Elderkin, arr."
  47. Jesus the Light of the World

  48. Anon., The New Harp of Columbia (Nashville, 1867)
  49. Joy to the world

Playing time: 61' 00"

Performers: The Boston Camerata [Anne Azéma (soprano), Elizabeth Anker (contralto), William Hite (tenor), Dan McCabe (baritone), Joel Frederiksen (bass-baritone), Robert Mealy (violin), Jonathan Talbot (violin), Patrick Jordan (viola), Emily Walhout (cello), Ann Trout (double bass), Jesse Lepkoff (flute, guitar), Joel Cohen (guitar). Michael Collver (flügelhorn), Steven Lundahl (baritone horn)] - Joel Cohen, dir.
The Schola Cantorum of Boston [Alice Dampman (soprano), Sherri Dietrich (soprano), Sandra Stuart (soprano), Edda Gunnarsdottir (alto), Megan Henderson (alto), Frederick Jodry (alto), Christopher Kale (tenor), Arthur Rawding (tenor), Julian Wachner (tenor), Evan Keely (bass), John Holyoke (bass)] - Frederick Jodry, cond.
The Brown University Chorus (Robin Dahlberk (soprano), Gina Christensen (soprano), Allegra Silbiger (soprano), Rose S. Cohen (alto), Jennifer Stempel (alto), Michele Nigh (alto), Patrick Dillard (tenor), Eric L. Nelson (tenor), Steven Huang (tenor), Matthew Willis (tenor), Luke Franks (bass), Jeremy Katz (bass), Matthew Horwitz (bass)] - Frederick Jodry, cond.

Recording site and date:
Campion Center, Weston, MA, USA [03/1993]

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