Simple Gifts

Simple Gifts
Shakers Chants and Spirituals
Shakers of Sabbathday Lake, Schola Cantorum of Boston, The Boston Camerata - Joel Cohen, dir.
Erato 4509-98491-2 [CD]
Apex (Warner) 2564-60367-2 [CD]


    I. Followers of the Lamb

    Elder Issachar Bates
  1. Come life, Shaker life

  2. Father James Whittaker
  3. In yonder valley

  4. Anon.
  5. Virgins clothed in a clean white garment

  6. Elder Richard McNemar
  7. Mother

  8. Father James Whittaker
  9. Father James' Song

  10. Sister Clarissa Jacobs
  11. Followers of the Lamb
  12. II. Bearing the Cross

    Mother Ann Lee
  13. Mother Ann's song

  14. Anon.
  15. I have a soul to be saved or lost

  16. Anon.
  17. Heavenly comfort

  18. Anon.
  19. A companion to stiff

  20. Anon.
  21. Pinch'd up, nip'd up

  22. Anon.
  23. I will fight and never slack
  24. III. Visions and Warnings

  25. Celestial choir

  26. Anon.
  27. Holy Angel

  28. The Shepherdess
  29. The lark

  30. The Shepherdess
  31. Nightingale's song

  32. Anon.
  33. Holy Order Song

  34. Anon.
  35. Learned of Angel

  36. Anon.
  37. Laughing John's Interrogatory

  38. Jane Sutton
  39. I'll beat my drum as I march along

  40. Anon.
  41. Mother's Warning

  42. Anon.
  43. The Solemn Bell

  44. Anon.
  45. Mother's Cup of Tribulation

  46. Anon.
  47. Sad Days

  48. Anon.
  49. Encouragement
  50. IV. The Valley of Love

  51. Verdant valley

  52. Father James Whittaker
  53. In yonder valley ( reprise)

  54. Anon.
  55. Solemn Song

  56. Anon.
  57. Turn to the right

  58. Anon.
  59. O will you sing another song

  60. Elder Richard McNemar
  61. The Spiritual sailor

  62. Sister Paulina Springer
  63. Mother has come

  64. Anon.
  65. Holy Mother's protecting chain

  66. Elder Joseph Brackett
  67. Simple gifts

Playing time: 59' 53"

Shakers of Sabbathday Lake, Schola Cantorum of Boston [Alice Dampman (soprano), Sherri Dietrich (soprano), Megan Henderson (alto), Paul Cummings bass), Stephen Falbel (bass),assisted by: Mary Ann Valaitis (alto), Robert Dobson (tenor), Arthur Rawding (tenor)] - Frederick Jodry, dir., The Boston Camerata [Anne Azéma (soprano), Margaret Swanson (soprano), Elizabeth Anker (contralto), William Hite (tenor), Daniel McCabe (baritone), Joel Frederiksen (bass)] - Joel Cohen, dir.

Recording site and date:
Meeting House, Shaker VillagePoland Spring, Maine, USA [08/1994]

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