Messe de Kernascleden - Libre vermel de Montserrat

Messe de Kernascleden - Libre vermel de Montserrat [sic]
Ensemble vocal féminin Colortalea
Escalibur (Coop Breizh) CD866 [CD]


    Messe de Kernascleden

  1. Introduction

  2. Anon., Barcelona 971
  3. Kyrie

  4. Suzay, Apt MS no. 37 16bis
  5. Gloria

  6. Anon., Ivrea, no 52
  7. Credo

  8. Anon., Gerona F ZV 3 EG no. 4
  9. Sanctus-Benedictus

  10. Anon., Barcelona 971
  11. Agnus Dei
  12. Llibre Vermell de Montserrat

  13. Roue a carillons

  14. Anon., Llibre Vermell de Montserrat
  15. O virgo splendens
  16. Stella splendens
  17. Laudemus / Splendens ceptigera
  18. Ad mortem festinamus
  19. Polorum regina
  20. Cuncti simus concanentes
  21. Mariam matrem
  22. Los set goyts
  23. Imperaritz de la ciutat
  24. sortie

Playing time: 56' 11"

Ensemble vocal féminin Colortalea
Antonin Volson (percussions), Françoise Johannel (harp), Agnès Petite (strings), Nathalie Le Gaouyat (strings), Roland Becker (reed instruments), Didier Durassier (bagpipe), Agnès Brosset (alto)

Recording site and date:
Chapelle Saint-Nicolas, Priziac, Morbihan, France [1996];
Rel.: 1997

Reviewed in:

Information from Jerome F. Weber.
The story is interesting. St. Vincent Ferrer, born in Valencia, evangelized Brittany in the 15th century, bringing musical MSS with him. The church at Kernascleden was painted with angels holding scrolls bearing the beginning of the last four movements. There were only four bays to occupy so there is no Kyrie. In 1976 the musicologist Ursula Gunther studied the paintings and wrote a thesis identifying the four movements. In 1993 Gerard Lomenec'h wrote a book, "Chantres et Menestrels a la Cour de Bretagne," calling attention to these discoveries. In 1995 Agnes Brosset prepared the performance of this form of the Mass with Colortalea and recorded it in 1996. She sings in the group but is not listed as director. Hence the "Messe de Kernascleden".

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