Galleries & No Relation

The Young Tradition - Galleries & Royston Wood & Heather Wood - No Relation
The Young Tradition - Royston Wood & Heather Wood
Essential ESMCD 461 [CD]


  1. Inntro: Ductia

  2. Trad., arr. Wood, Bellamy, Wood
  3. The barley straw

  4. Thomas Campion, arr. Dolly Collins
  5. What if a day

  6. Trad., arr. Wood, Bellamy, Wood
  7. The loyal lover

  8. Robert Johnson
  9. Entracte: Stones in my passway

  10. C. Wesley, A. Davidsoon, Eccles: Sacred Harp
  11. Hymn: Idumea

  12. Trad., arr. Wood, Bellamy, Wood
  13. The husbandman and the servingman
  14. The rolling of the stones
  15. The bitter withy
  16. The banks of the Nile

  17. ----
    Rev. Robert Seagrave
  18. Wondrous love

  19. Anon., Anon., Bert Jansh, John Renbourn
  20. Medley: Mediaeval mystery tour

  21. APH (words), Heather Wood (music)
  22. Divertissement: Upon the bough

  23. Trad., arr.Wood, Bellamy, Wood
  24. Ratcliff highway
  25. The brisk young widow

  26. Anon.
  27. Interlude: The Pembroke unique ensemble / Soldiers Three

  28. Trad., arr. Wood, Bellamy, Wood, Cecil Sharpe coll.
  29. John Barleycorn

  30. Anon.:
  31. The Agincourt carol

  32. Cyril Tawney
  33. Chicken on a raft

  34. Trad., arr. Wood, Bellamy, Wood
  35. Randy dandy-O
  36. Shanty: Fire maringo
    Shanty: Hyanging Johnny
    Shanty: Bring'em down
    Shanty: Haul on the bowline

  37. Trad., arr. Wood, Wood
  38. A shepherd of the downs
  39. Come ye that fear the Lord

  40. Heather Wood
  41. Foolish, incredibly foolish

  42. Trad., arr. Wood, Wood
  43. Bold benjamin-O
  44. The bold astrologer
  45. St. Patrick's breastplate
  46. The cutty wren
  47. Will you miss me ?
  48. Gloria laus

Playing time: 78' 16"

[1]-[18] TransatlanticTRA 172 [LP] Galleries
[19]-[21] (label unknown) [45 r.p.m. EP] Chicken on a raft
[22]-[30] (label unknown) [LP] No Relation

[1]-[18] The Young Tradition [Royston Wood (vocals, tabour, tambourine), Peter Bellamy (vocals, whistle, guitar, concertina), Heather Wood (vocals, whistle)] & with Dolly Collins (portative organ), Dave Swarbrick (fiddles, mandolin); with, for [3], [18], Early Music Consort [David Munrow (shawm), Christopher Hogwood (percussion), Roddy Skeaping (viol), Adam Skeaping (viol)]
[19]-[21] The Young Tradition [Royston Wood , Peter Bellamy, Heather Wood] & chorus [Dave Calderhead, Hans Fried, Ken Hamer, Roger Jones-Ford, France Jones-Ford, Arthur Knevett, Rod Stradling, Danny Stradling]
[22]-[30] Royston Wood, Peter Bellamy, Heather Wood & Pennie Harris (hammered dulcimer), Tony Hall (melodeon), Simon Nicol (acoustic guitar), Pete Kirtley (electric guitar, mandolin), Ashley Hutchings (bass guitar)

Recording site and date:
[1]-[18] Livingston Studio [1968]
[19]-[21] Unlnown [1967]
[22]-[30] Pebble Beach, Worthing, UK [01/1977]
Rel.: 1997

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