Seymour Barab / R.L. Stevenson - Child's Garden of Verses

Seymour Barab / R.L. Stevenson - Child's Garden of Verses
Russell Oberlin
Esoteric ESJ-5 [LP, 25cm]


    Seymour Barab (music) / R.L. Stevenson (text):

    Band one

  1. Introduction and marching song
  2. At the sea-side
  3. The moon
  4. The swing
  5. Windy nights
  6. Foreign lands
  7. Band two

  8. From a railway carriage
  9. Where go the boats ?
  10. A good boy
  11. The land of Nod
  12. The cow
  13. Time to rise

  14. ----

    Band one

  15. Pirate story
  16. Autumn fires
  17. The sun's travel
  18. Foreign children
  19. The wind
  20. Young night-thought
  21. Band two

  22. My shadow
  23. Singing
  24. Fairy bread
  25. Bed in summer
  26. Picture-books in winter
  27. Farewell to the farm

Playing time: 30' 31" app.

Russell Oberlin (counter-tenor), Bertha Melnick (piano), Ray Crisara (trumpet), David Weber (clarinet), Harold Goltzer (bassoon)
Seymour Barab, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1953];
Rel.: 1953

Counterpoint CPT 539 [LP, 30cm] with the same title but maybe with some additional material.

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