English medieval Christmas carols

English medieval Christmas carols
Primavera Singers of the New York Pro Musica Antiqua - Noah Greenberg, dir.
Esoteric ES-521 [LP]
Esoteric ESS-1 [Tape, 7,5 in/sec]
Counterpoint / Esoteric CPT 521 [LP, mono]
Counterpoint / Esoteric CPTS 5521 [LP, electr. stereo]
Everest SDBR 3431 [LP]
World Record Club ME-2120 [LP]
Rykodisc "Tradition" TCD 1056 [CD]


  1. Two-part carol: Nowell Sing We
  2. Carol: Ave Maria
  3. Gloria
    Anon., Worcester School
    Three-part motet: Alleluia

  4. Anon.
  5. Carol: Lullay Lullow
  6. Carol: What Tidings Bringest Thou?
  7. Carol: Marvel Not, Joseph
  8. Carol: Alma Redemptoris Mater

  9. -----
  10. Carol: Make We Joy Now In This Fest
  11. Carol: Nowell, Nowell: Tidings True

  12. John Dunstable
  13. Sancta Maria

  14. Anon.
  15. Carol: Hail Mary, Full Of Grace
  16. Carol: Ave Rex Angelorum
  17. Carol: Tibi Laus, Tibi Gloria

  18. Leonel Power
  19. Beata Progenies

  20. Anon.
  21. Carol: Nova, Nova

Playing time: 45' 22"

Primavera Singers of the New York Pro Musica Antiqua [Ruth Daigon (soprano), Lois Roman (soprano), Russell Oberlin (counter-tenor), Arthur Squires (tenor), Charles Bressler (tenor), Brayton Lewis (bass)] - Noah Greenberg, dir.

Recording site and date:
New York, NY, USA [spring 1953].
Rel.: November 1953

Everest 3145 [LP, mono] New York Pro Musica Memorial edition.
Everest 6145 [LP, electr. stereo] New York Pro Musica Memorial edition

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Information from MELVYL (Esoteric), IUCAT (Counterpoint/esoteric), Joel Bresler and owned LP (Everest), CD and James Gollin (from his book "Pied Piper, the many lives of Noah Greenberg", Pendragon, 2001).
The Rykodisc CD box indicates "recorded in 1956"; this information is obviously wrong: the LP was already advertised in Hi-Fidelity Magazine in the November/December 1953 issue and the date of recording is from MELVYL; 1956 is probably the date of release of the Counterpoint/Esoteric version.

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