Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Motet

Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Motet
The Renaissance Chorus - Harold Brown, dir.
Esoteric 546 [LP, mono]
Counterpoint/Esoteric 546 [LP, mono]
Counterpoint/Esoteric 5 546 [LP, sterreo dubbed]


    Heinrich Isaac: Motets from "Choralis Constantinus" Book
  1. Introit 1 (Psalm 63:11): The righteous shall be glad in the Lord
  2. Introit 2 (Psalm 20:2, 3) O Lord, in Thy strenght the king rejoiceth
  3. Verse 2 (Psalm 20:6) His glory is great through Thy salvation
  4. Introit 3 (Psalm 8:6, 7) Thou hast crowned him with glory and honour
  5. Verse 3 (Psalm 8:1) O Lord, our Lord How glorious is Thy Name
  6. Introit 4 (Psalm 63:3) Protect me from the counsil of evil-doers
  7. Verse 4 (Psalm 63:2) Hear my voice, O Lord in my complaint
  8. Alleluia Verse (Psalm 111:1) Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord
  9. Sequence 1, Part 3 Since He was the help of the feeble
  10. Sequence 1., Part 4 The blind, the deaf, the mute are restored
  11. Sequence 2, Part 4 Then let us, the redeemed, give thanks
  12. Sequence 2, Part 6 Rising triumphantly thou hast prevailed
  13. Communion 5 (as verse 2)

  14. Vincenzo Ruffo:
  15. Adoramus Te

  16. Thomas Tallis:
  17. Magnificat: My soul doth magnify the Lord

  18. Josquin Desprez:
  19. Misericordias domini in aeternum cantabo: I will sing the mercy of the Lord

  20. Hans Leo Haßler:
  21. Ad Dominum cum tribularer clamavi: In my distress I called unto the Lord

  22. Giovanni Perluigi da Palestrina:
  23. Exultate Deo: Sing aloud unto God our strength

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The Renaissance Chorus
Isabel Altschuler, Nora Avins, Styra Avins, Sandra Bertisch, Carol Blumenthal, Betsy Cantwell, Yasoma Challenor, Ann Drazen, Linda Fischer, John Graziano, Paul Green, Leila Greenburger, Barbara Greener, Klaus Grunewald, Judy Hirsch, Laura Israel, Dorothy Kohn, Jon Konheim, Denise Levinson, Laura Lorber, Iria Moscatelli, Jeanne O'Brien, Carole Pigler, Elaine Reinhold, Joan Roth, Jo Seitz, Carol Sheingorn, Judy Spivak, Rowena Stapelfeldt, Elizabeth Stone, Lucy Tauber, Denny Todd, Breena Triestman, Charles Van Tassel, Gabrielle Varo, David Weisbrod
Harold Brown, dir.

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Unknown [ca 1954]

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