An Elizabethan Songbag for Young People

An Elizabethan Songbag for Young People
The New York Pro Musica Antiqua - Noah Greenberg, dir.
Esoteric "Children's Series" ESJ-6 [LP, 25cm, mono]


    Thomas Ravenscroft
  1. It was a frog in the well
    John Hilton
    Round: Come let us all a-maying go
    John Bartlett
    Ayre (à 2): Whither runneth my sweetheart

  2. John Bull
  3. The Duke of Brunswick's Toye (instr.)

  4. Anon.
  5. Round I: Come Robin, lend to me thy bow
    Francis Pilkington
    The messenger of the delightful spring
    Thomas Morley
    Recorder duet: Shepherd's pipe

  6. Anon.
  7. Round II: New Oysters, New Oysters
    Martin Peerson
    Ayre: Now, robin, laugh and sing
    Thomas Ravenscroft
    Willie, prithee go to bed

  8. ----
  9. Round III: Hey boy ho boy, news
    Round IV: Well rung Tom Boy
    Robert Jones
    Ayre: In Sherwood lived Stout Robin Hood

  10. John Bull
  11. Gigge: Dr Bull's my selfe (instr.)

  12. Thomas Morley
  13. About the Maypole new
    William Byrd
    Round: Hey, Ho to the Greenwood Now Let Us Go

  14. Thomas Ravenscroft
  15. There were three raven sat on a tree

  16. Giles Farnaby
  17. A dreame (instr.)

  18. Thomas Campian
  19. Ayre: Jack and Joan they think no ill

  20. Francis Pilkington
  21. Rest, sweet nymphs, let golden sleep

Playing time: ??' ??"

The New York Pro Musica [Lois Roman (soprano), Ruth Daigon (soprano), Russell Oberlin (counter-tenor), Arthur Squires (tenor), Charles Bressler (tenor), Brayton Lewis (bass), Bernard Krainis (recorder), Elizabeth Kyburg (recorder), Blanche Winogron (virginals)] - Noah Greenberg, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unnown [spring 1953]
Rel.: 1954

Counterpoint CPT 540 [LP] Children's Songs of Shakespeare's Time
Everest 3145 [LP, mono] New York Pro Musica Memorial edition.
Everest 6145 [LP, electr. stereo] New York Pro Musica Memorial edition

Information from owned LP (esoteric), advertisement in High Fidelity Magazine (nov./dec. 1953) and James Gollin (from his book "Pied Piper, the many lives of Noah Greenberg", Pendragon, 2001)

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