Hildegard - Ordo Virtutum

Hildegard von Bingen: Ordo Virtutum
Vox Animae
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    Hildegard von Bingen: Ordo Virtutum
  1. The Virtues are greeted by the Patriarchs and Prophets
    The Soul comes in innocence, and calls to the Virtues
    The Devil seduces the Soul
  2. Led by Humility, the Virtues sing of their powers and their solidarity against the Devil
  3. The Soul returns to the Virtues in penitence, seeking their aid
  4. The Soul, aided by the Virtues, fights against the Devil and overcomes his powers; Victory is proclaimed
  5. The Soul, Humility and the Virtues are joined by the Patriarchs, Prophets and other Souls imprisoned in the flesh to sing of the joy of steadfastness, and give thanks for God's mercy.

Vox Animae
Ansy Boothroyd (Anima), John Hancorn (Diabolus), Evelyn Tubb (Humilitas, Regina Virtutum), Vivien Ellis (Scientia Dei), Ayumi Hirano (Caritas), Gador Soriano (Timor Dei), Amanda Hamilton (Obedientia), Abigail Gorton (Fides), Lucy Ballard (Spes), Lindsay Richardson (Castitas), Ruth Lamdin (Innocentia), Jennie Cassidy (Contemptus mundi), Baasira Ward (Amor Celestis), Olivia Boot (Disciplina), Alison Wheeler (Verecundia), Roimata Templeton (Misericordia), Jane Haughton (Victoria), Clare Norburn (Discretio), Fiona Cooper (Patientia), Jill Ward (Reverentia), Imogen Mitchell, (Constantia), Mayfield Chamber Opera Chorus (Chorus of Patriarchs, Prophets and Souls), Michael Fields (harp), Pier Adams (recorder), Steven Devine (percussion)
Michael Fields & Evelyn Tubb, dirs.

Playing time: 68' 53"

Recording date: Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Wadhurst, East Essex, England [10/1995]

Reviewed in:
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 75/899-93 (march 1998), 76/907-97 (oct./nov. 1998) for KTCV 101
Diapason (#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 21/3-118 (jan./feb. 1998); 28/4- (Mar/Apr 2005)

The present recording appears to be first and only recording by this group.

Also released as part of a double DVD, with a documentary film on Hildegard: BBC "Opus Arte" PAL OA 0874 D.

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