Codex Chantilly II

Codex Chantilly II
Tetraktys - Kees Boeke
Etcetera 1905


  1. Anon (fol. 13): Toute clarté
  2. Senleches (fol. 17): Fuions de ci
  3. Vaillant (fol. 26v): Dame doucement / Doulz amis
  4. Solage (fol. 20): En l'amoureux vergier
  5. Machaut (fol. 18v): De petit po
  6. Guido (fol. 25v): Or voit tout
  7. Grimace (fol. 19): Se Zephirus / Se Jupiter
  8. Magister Franciscus (fol. 20v): Phiton, phiton
  9. Solage (fol. 18, 50v): Tres gentil cuer

Performers: Zsuzsi Tóth (cantus), Carlos Mena (altus), Kirsty Whatley (harp), Marta Graziolino (harp), Silvia Tecardi (vielle), Baptiste Romain (vielle), Kees Boeke (recorder, vielle)

Playing time: 77'

Recording dates: January 2010 & May 2010 (Arezzo); released: 2011

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 35/5-452 (May/June 2012)

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Todd M. McComb