Puer nobis

Puer nobis
Christmas in the Renaissance
Capilla Flamenca
Eufoda 1147


  1. Anon: Omnes nu laet ons
  2. Anon: In dulci iubilo
  3. Anon: Dies est letitie
  4. Anon: Puer nobis nascitur
  5. Anon: Och voer die doot (Tandernaken)
  6. Anon: Verbum caro factum est
  7. Anon: Mit desen niewen jare
  8. Anon: Cantent epythalamium
  9. Christmas in the European Capitle Churches

  10. Dufay: Conditor alme siderum
  11. Anon: Liber generationis (de qua natus)
  12. Anon: O beata infancia (vocal)
  13. Anon: Verbum caro factum est
  14. Anon: Fulgent, fulgent
  15. Brassart: Gratulemur Cristicole
  16. Anon: O beata infancia (instrumental)
  17. Christmas in Italy in the 16th Century

  18. Jachet de Mantua: Noe, Noe
  19. Anon: Verbum Caro factum est
  20. Lhéritier: Hodie salvatur
  21. Christmas in Spain

  22. Anon: Verbum caro factum est
  23. Anon: Senores el ques nascido
  24. Anon: Un niño nos es nascido
  25. Anon: Riu, riu, chiu

Recording date: 1993

Sources include Brussels, Ms. II 270, Bologna Civ. Mus., Q19, Cancionero de Uppsalla. Information from ensemble.

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Todd M. McComb