Le Febure: Motets

Johannes le Febure: Motteten
Currende - Erik van Nevel
Eufoda 1273


  1. Musica cum Musis
  2. Benedicta sit Sancta Trinitas
  3. Doctor bonus et amicus Dei
  4. Viri sancti gloriosum sanguinem
  5. Responsum accepit Simeon
  6. Euge serve bone et fidelis
  7. Stella quam viderant magi
  8. Angelus ad pastores
  9. Venit Michael archangelus
  10. Magnificat
  11. Tanto tempore
  12. Lapidabant Iudaei Stephanum
  13. O quam gloriosum
  14. Isti sunt viri sancti
  15. O Crux splendidior
  16. Veni, Sancte Spiritus
  17. Angelus Domini locutus est

Performers: Currende Consort [Anne-Marie Buyle, Mikae Natsuyama (sopranos); Peter de Groot (alto); Jan Caals, Lieven Termont (tenors); Mitchell Sandler (bass); Erik van Nevel (baritone)], Capella Currende [Anne-Marie Buyle, Kinga Cserjesi, Lieve Jansen, Gertie Lindemans, Marina Smolders, Dineke van der Sman (sopranos); Peter de Groot, Vincent Grégoire, Nele Minten, Alma Ooms, Godfried van de Vyvere (altos); Patrick Debrandere, Tore Denys, Lode Somers, Sjef van Leunen, Stefaan Vandenbroucke (tenors); Job Boswinkel, Paul Mertens, Mitchell Sandler, Walter van der Ven (bass); Hendrick Jan Wolfert (large viol); Herman Stinders (organ).]

Playing time: 59:05

Recording date: 1998

Johannes le Febure was a Flemish composer born either in the Low Countries or Vienna sometime in the sixteenth century; his exact date and location of birth are unknown. He died sometime between 1609 and 1612. He served in a number of important musical posts in Austria, including chapelmaster in Konstanz and in Mainz. While he uses some of the polyphonic techniques of the Flemish school, his music most clearly reflects the influence of the Venetian style, and of Giovanni Gabrielli in particular.

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Christopher Schifani