Canticum Canticorum

Canticum Canticorum
In Praise of Love: The Song of Songs in the Renaissance
Capilla Flamenca - Dirk Snellings
Eufoda 1359


    Loco Introitus

  1. Plainchant: Quam pulchra es
  2. Dunstable: Quam pulchra es
  3. John Pyamour: Quam pulchra es
  4. Prioris: Quam pulchra es
  5. Loco Alleluia

  6. Narvaez: O gloriosa domina
  7. Jacquet de Mantua: Audi, dulcis amica mea
  8. Loco Offertorium

  9. Plainchant: Tota pulchra es
  10. Weerbeke: Tota pulchra es
  11. Agricola: Belle sur toutes / Tota pulchra es
  12. Isaac: Tota pulchra es
  13. Judenkünig: Tota pulchra es
  14. Loco Ad Elevationem

  15. Weerbeke: Anima mea liquefacta est
  16. Compère: Plaine d'ennuy / Anima mea liquefacta est
  17. Capirola: Ricercar
  18. Loco Deo gratis

  19. Willaert: Ave, regina caelorum
  20. Francesco da Milano: Ricercar

Performers: Marnix De Cat (countertenor), Jan Caals (tenor), Lieven Termont (baritone), Dirk Snellings (bass), Jan van Outryve (lute), Liam Fennelly (viol)

Playing time: 58'

Recording date: June 2003 (Leuven)

There was some earlier confusion regarding which recording would appear with this catalog number.

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Todd M. McComb