Frescobaldi: Toccatas from book I

Frescobaldi: Toccate e Partite d'Intavolatura di cimbalo
Laura Alvini
Fonit Cetra Italia 36


  1. Toccata prima
  2. Toccata seconda
  3. Toccata terza
  4. Toccata quarta
  5. Toccata quinta
  6. Toccata sesta
  7. Toccata settima
  8. Toccata ottava
  9. Toccata nona
  10. Toccata decima
  11. Toccata undicesima
  12. Toccata duodecima

Playing time: 61'

Recording date: May 1982

This recital consists of the complete twelve toccatas of Book I (1615), but without the other pieces which that publication included.

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Todd M. McComb