Musique rituelle à travers temps et pays

Musique rituelle à travers temps et pays
Karine, Caron, Boyer et al.
Festival FLD 88 [LP, 25cm]


    Trad., hebraic
  1. Emeth (David's jubilatory dance in front of the Arch)

  2. Trad., hebraic
  3. Kaddesh Urexhats (Song of Blessings)

  4. Anon., Ancient Greece
  5. Hymn to Apollo

  6. Anon., Ancient Greece
  7. Epitaph to Seikilos

  8. Trad., Syria
  9. Eal Betelhem (Christmas song)

  10. Trad., Armenia
  11. Farmers' song

  12. Greg., Armenia
  13. Miserere

  14. Anon,, France, M-A
  15. Stirps Jesse
  16. Motet: Alleluia

  17. Trad., inca
  18. Auracana's ritual dance

  19. Trad., inca
  20. Pastorale (Sheppards playing Kena)

  21. Trad., Scotland
  22. In Hebrid Seas (Mariners' song)

  23. Trad., Scotland
  24. A Fairy Love Song

  25. Trad., Black Africa
  26. Devil's dance (Sorcerer's dance from Oubangui region)

  27. Trad., Black Africa
  28. M'foukie dance (Incancatory dance)

  29. Trad., India
  30. Hymn to Rama

  31. Trad., arabic
  32. Qacida (Prayer to Allah)

  33. Anon, Spain, M-A
  34. Cante de la Verge

  35. Alfonso el Sabio (attrib.): Cantigas de Santa Maria
  36. Cantiga 139: Maravillosos et piadosos

  37. Trad., brazilian negro
  38. Tayeras (Hymne to the Virgin)

Playing time: ??' ??"

Lydia Karine (mezzo contralto), Nelly Caron (Ondes Martenot), Guillemette Boyer (Ondes Martenot), Monique Matagne (piano), Louis Dillies (percussion).

Recording site and date:
[1955 or prior]

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Revue Disques (#-p.): 83-871

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