Music in the age of Alfonso el Sabio

Music in the age of Alfonso el Sabio
Francisco Rubiales Moreno, M. Teresa Moran Robles, Juan Dionisio Martin
Film for the Humanities & Sciences FFH 2331 [VHS, DVD]


Precise content not known: describes the development and uses of music during the time of King Alfonso X of Spain (13th century). Centers on Alfonso's Cantigas de Santa Maria (a collection of sacred songs to the Blessed Virgin Mary) and the music of the troubadours.

Playing time: 20'

Francisco Rubiales Moreno & M. Teresa Moran Robles (artistic coordinators), Juan Dionisio Martin (writer)

Recording site and date:
A production of EFE the Ministry of Fine Arts and Archives, the Spanish Ministry of Culture ; directed by Pedro Amalio Lopez [1990 or prior]

Information from IUCAT catalogue & Jorge Salazar, who writes:
The only piece of music identified and performed vocally and instrumentally is Cantiga de Santa Maria 167 (6 of its 7 stanzas). Unfortunately, nowhere are the musicians identified. The rest of the music on the video consists of short, unidentified background snippets.

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Pierre-F. Roberge