Music in Time - Part 2: The First Secular Music

Music in Time - Part 2: The First Secular Music
The authoritative, comprehensive History of Western Music
Narrated by James Galway
Various performers
Film for the Humanities BVL 716 [DVD]
Film for the Humanities FFH 716 [VHS]


Precise content not known, but includes:

Traditional Gregorian, Hebrew and Greek chants
Leonin: Rejoice, O Virgin Mary
Estampie (Manuscript du Roi)
Perotin: Viderunt omnes
Tempus est iocundum (Carmina Burana)
Walther von der Vogelweide: Palestinalied
Machaut: Il m'est avis; Quant je suis mis; Gloria (from Notre-Dame Mass)
Landini: Questa fanciulla amor; L'alma mia piange
Dunstable: Veni sancte spiritu
Dufay: Ave Regina coelorum

Playing time: 61'

The Interdenominational Choir of the Triumph Church, Los Angeles (Betty Perkins, soloist)
Christ Church Cathedral Choir - Francis Grier, director
The Reverend Simon Hass
The Bizantine Choir of Athens
The Choir of Einsiedeln Monastery, Switzerland
Hilliard Ensemble
New London Consort - Phillip Pickett, director
Christopher Hogwood
Robert Cooper
Pro Cantione Antiqua - Bruno Turnere, director
Narration: James Galway, Denys Hawthorne

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1982 or prior];
Rel. 1990 [VHS], ??? [DVD]

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