Gardens of Delight

Gardens of Delight
Roses, Lilies & Other Flowers in Medieval Song
The Telling - Leah Stuttard
First Hand Records 68 [CD]


  1. La rosa enflorese

  2. Juan del Encina
  3. Pues que tu reina del cielo

  4. Cantiga de Santa Maria No. 10
  5. Rosa das Rosas

  6. Machaut
  7. De tout flors

  8. Anonymous
  9. Plus bele que flors / Quant revient / L'autrier jouer / Flos Filius Eius
  10. O virgo pia / Lis ne glay / Amat

  11. Traditional
  12. Ther is no rose of swych vertu

  13. Anonymous
  14. Ad rose titulum (14th century)

  15. Ciconia
  16. O rosa bella, o dolce anima mia

  17. Anonymous
  18. Laude novella sia cantata

  19. Zacara da Teramo
  20. Un fiore gentile m'apparse

  21. Anonymous
  22. Der Winter will hin weichen (Lochamer Liederbuch, c.1460)

  23. Walter von Vogelweide
  24. Unter den Linden

  25. Hildegard von Bingen
  26. Ave generosa
  27. Ordo virtutum: Procession

Performers: Leah Stuttard (harp, frame drum, voice), Clare Norburn (voice), Ariane Prüssner (voice)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: January 2018; released: 2018

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Todd M. McComb