Music for Brass Quintet

Music for Brass Quintet
American Brass Quintet
Folkways FM 3651 [LP]


    Josquin Desprez
  1. Vive le roi

  2. Thomas East
  3. Desperavi

  4. Giovanni Gabrieli
  5. Canzona: La spiritata

  6. Anthony Holborne
  7. The Fairie round
  8. The Honie-suckle
  9. My Linda
  10. Night watch
  11. Pavana ploravit
  12. Wanton

  13. Also Bach, Kay, Whittenberg
  14. .........

Playing time: ??' ??"

American Brass Quintet

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1970 or prior]

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Information from Medieval and Renaissance Music on Long-playing Records (# 701)

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