Guillaume Dufay: Missa « Se la face ay pale »

Guillaume Dufay: Missa « Se la face ay pale »
A complete nuptial mass
Pro Arte Singers - Thomas Binkley, dir.
Focus 882 [Cass.]
Focus 934 [CD]


    Guillaume Dufay: Missa « Se la face ay pale »
  1. Introitus
  2. Kyrie
  3. Gloria
  4. Oratio
  5. Epistola
  6. Graduale
  7. Alleluia
  8. Evangelium
  9. Credo
  10. Offertorium
  11. Prefacio
  12. Sanctus
  13. Pater Noster
  14. Agnus Dei.
  15. Communio
  16. Postcommunio
  17. Ite Missa Est

Pro Arte Singers
Cantus: Lisa Cardwell, Deborah Co, Hallie Fischel, Maria Gonçalves, Sonja Rasmussen, Angela Mariani Smith;
Altus: A. Lee Barlow, Robert Freitas, Brian Link, Patrice Morrell, Matthew Pass, Marita Ward;
Tenor-Bassus: Alan Bennett, David Cody, Randy Enders, David Jerome, Rod Loren, James Ward, Bruce-Robert Wright;
Soloists: James Ward (Celebrant), Randy Enders (Deacon), David Cody (Subdeacon), Deborah Co (Alleluia), Patrice Morell (Alleluia), Lisa Cardwell (Graduale), Angela Mariani Smith (Graduale)
Thomas Binkley, dir., Alan Bennett, Assistant.

Playing time: 50' 04"

Recording site and date:
First Baptist Church–United Church of Christ, Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.A. [10/1987];
Rel.: 1988 (Cass.), 1993 (CD)

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Information from CD.
Proper is from the earliest published Missal of 1474.

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