Gombert Motets 3

Gombert Motets 3
Beauty Farm
Fra Bernardo 2231711 [CDx2]


  1. Pater noster (a5)
  2. Ascipe Domine (a4)
  3. Duo rogavi te Domine (a6)
  4. Inviolata integra et casta (a5)
  5. Stabat autem Petrus (a5)
  6. Caeciliam cantate pii (a5)
  7. Ne reminiscaris (a5)
  8. O Rex gloriae (a6)
  9. Respice Dominum (a5)
  1. Tribulatio et angustia (a5)
  2. Anima mea (a5)
  3. Super flumina Babylonis (a4)
  4. Anima nostra sicut passer (a5)
  5. O crux splendidior (a6)
  6. Egregiae martyr (a5)
  7. In illo tempore (a6)
  8. Domine si tu es jube (a4)
  9. O gloriosa Dei genitrix (a4)
  10. Da pacem Domine (a5)

Performers: Bart Uvyn (countertenor), Achim Schulz (tenor), Adriaan de Koster (tenor), Tomás Lajtkep (tenor), Hannes Wagner (tenor), Julián Millán (baritone), Philipp Kaven (baritone), Joachim Höchbauer (bass)

Playing time: 123'

Recording date: 2020/21 (not specified further; Mauerbach); released: 2022

Strangely, the contents are somewhat different from the announced contents, i.e. some additional motets & one not appearing....

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Todd M. McComb