Prioris: Masses

Prioris: Masses
The Sound and the Fury
Fra Bernardo "FIN" 232 9131 [download]

Under Construction

Playing time: 61'

Released: 2023

Contents are Missa de angelis & Missa Tant bel mi sont pensade.

Information from Presto, Qobuz, Chris Schifani & Ian McDonald.

Completed information to appear. Is there a CD to appear as well?

Presumably this is an older recording, issued for the first time.... (This new "FIN" line also remains a mystery. There has been no information from the label web site.)

The same is also presumably true of an Obrecht download album featuring the latter's Missa Salve diva parens (& a Salve regina). That digital item has been available to hear for several months now, but I've yet to see any further information, including catalog information, so although I've added it to relevant listings (& even wrote "remarks"), I haven't yet created an independent file.... However, I am anticipating that these mysteries will be resolved at some point.

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Todd M. McComb