G.-F. Handel: Saül

G.-F. Haendel: Saül
Choeur Universitaire de Genève & Orchestre du Victoria-Hall
VE-3015 1/2/3 [LPx3]


    Georg Frideric Händel: Saül


  1. Overture
  2. Act I, 1st part

  3. ----
  4. Act I, 2nd part
  5. LP-2

  6. Act I, final
  7. Act II, 1st part

  8. ----
  9. Act II, final
  10. LP-3

  11. Act III, 1st part

  12. ----
  13. Act III, final

Playing time: ??' ??"

Andrew Foldi (Saül, king of Israel), Grayson Hirst (Jonathan, king's son), David (Hugues Cuénod), Liliane Pache (Merab, king's daughter), Della Jones (Michal, king's daughter), Paul Crook (Abner, chiel of the army; Sorceress of Endor), André Alexander (Samuel's spirit), Grayson Hirst (an Alamecite; one in trio), Henry Ruffin (Doeg, a servant; Abiathar, great priest; one in trio), Patricia Huber (soprano), Angela Bates (one in trio)
Choeur Universitaire de Genève
Orchestre du Victoria-Hall
Jean Thibout (1st violin), Roger Reversy (oboe), François Perret (flute), Michel Blanc (trumpet) with continuo: Jean-Paul Wisard (theorbo), Frank Dunand ('cello), Serger Ruaux (double bass), François Delor (harpsichord), Guy Bovet (organ), Rouja Eynard (harp)
Chen Liang-Sheng, dir.

Recording site and date:
Victoria-Hall, Geneva, Switzerland [05/1971];
Rel.: 1972

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V-E is the previous label of VDE Gallo.

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