Tensons e partimens de trobairitz
Chante les troubadours: XIIe et XIIIe siècles - vol. 3
Gérard Zuchetto, et al.
Gallo 769
Gall 769


  1. Rosin digatz
  2. Na Lombarda
  3. Amics, en gran cossirier
  4. Maria de Ventadorn
  5. Isabella
  6. Na Guillelma

Performers: Gérard Zuchetto (voice), Katia Caré (voice), Gisela Bellsolà (voice), Patrice Brient (psaltery, dulcimer, rebec), Guy Robert (lute, 'ud, harp)

Playing time: 61'

Release date: August 1993

This recording consists of lyric poetry of Langue d'Oc set to music by Zuchetto & Caré in the style of the jongleurs. The form is that of the dialogue.

The style is almost more in the way of poetic recitation than melody per se.

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Todd M. McComb