Orphic Mysterial Rites
Chamber ensemble - Theodora Pavlovich, cond.
Gega GD 223


    Anon. (Orphic hymns), Georgi Arnouadov (music)
  1. Prayer to All Gods I
  2. Hymn to Protogonos (No. 6)
  3. Hymn to Helios (No. 8)
  4. Hymn to the Mother of the Gods (No. 27)
  5. Hymn to Dionysus (No. 30)
  6. Hymn to Semele (No. 44)
  7. Hymn to Sabazius (No. 48)
  8. Hymn to Hypta (No. 49)
  9. Prayer to All Gods II
  10. Hymn to Satyr Silenus (No. 58)
  11. Hymn to Eros (No. 54)
  12. Prayer to All Gods III

Playing time: 53' 03"

Chamber ensemble [Tania Kanzandjieva (voice), Milen Ivanov (voice), Marko Chobanov (voice), Dimitar Darlev (voice), Mila Pavlova (aulos, sisaulos, aulos thracian, diaulos), Jassen Enchev (aulos, sisaulos, aulos thracian, diaulos), Stojan Pavlov (tympanon, davoul, kodones, krotales, kymbalon, seistron), Snejina Hristova (tympanon, davoul, kodones, krotales, kymbalon, seistron), Maria Tuturilova (harp, lyra, psalterion)] - Theodora Pavlovich, cond.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [2000 or prior], rel. 2000

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Information from owned CD. The CD booklet gives the following information:
.... The Orphic hymns are a collection containing the invocation to Musaeus and 87 prayers to the Gods, to Deities and deified natural forces. They were discovered in Constantinople c. 30 years prior to the city's fall to the Turks. .... This code (sic!), the original of which unfortunately has not been preserved, is in fact the archetype for further editions, the first being the 1500 Florence one. .... This by no means is a literal restoration of the ancient Orphic music or its ancient Thracian performance - Thrakistì, neither does it claim to be some new version. It rather is a new approach towards the Divine Knowledge in Orphic hymns. ....

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